08 September 2011

two reminders...

one for me and one for you.

this one's for you. i want you to win because that site is so much flipping fun. promise.

and this one's for me.

because my lillie kate is me. all me, one hundred percent, except for her chocolate colors and techie ways.

some days, it's frustrating how me she is. because i want her to be better.

i could kiss banksy right about now.


krista said...

we were just discussing banksy this weekend. (i was introducing him to a friend of mine who was staying with us to help take care of the baby.) i love introducing something so fantastic to people, don't you? you do, i know. you're quite good at it. :-)
oh, have you seen 'exit through the gift shop' yet?

karey m. said...

btw, krista...i loved what your man wrote so much about the babe that i tweeted the heck out of it. so beautiful.

also. i feel the same way about banksy as i do about eminem. poets and artists of our time. isn't that kind of odd? probably. but i know you'd understand. xoxo.

Richie Designs said...

love this.

I wonder if all parents have this...see their children in them and wish they were "better".

My hope is that, as a universe, with each newbie we get kinder, smarter, better overall.

PeregrineBlue said...

yours is the most unique, most fascinating and eye-opening blog i have discovered in a long time. so modern, so age-of-aquarius, so delightful.

i am hooked