01 May 2013

speaking of heaven...

this week has been difficult. pat and lill and grae have all been on separate trips, so esmé and i have been on the verge of tears ever since they left. and by verge, i mean everything makes us cry. i'll tell you some stories later.

but here's one that's sticking to me right now.

one of the things i adore about pat is that he believes in certain things. whatever those things may be, he is full-on confident. but i'm a waverer. and waverers like me really enjoy the company of full-on confident gentlemen.

i ask him sometimes if there's a heaven. and he says yes. and i say but how do you know? and he calmly answers i just know in a tone that does not invite wavers and calms me like nothing else in the world. so, for at least a few days, i worry less about that one thing and more about whether we would all live through a tsunami. and that conversation goes pretty much the same way.

the other day, my neighbor's grandfather-in-law died. he was apparently one of those old-school lovely men. the kind who made his mark on his family's hearts, which is always a nice thing to hear. a good life, lived well. all we can ask for in the end, yes? 

she said they had been chatting just days before and he was fine. plus adorable.

at one point, he mentioned his wife who had died the previous year. i saw her yesterday, he said. she told me to get my hat because we're going for a walk.

and that was that.

it's my favorite story of the week. there aren't that many words in it, but it still made me cry and fill up with wonder and wonder less all at the same time.

you can borrow it if you're waverers, too. xoxo.