29 July 2010

i don't care what you said...

remember when you told me and mary that you preferred my serial killer handwriting to a regular old font on the sweeterie? remember?

well. i think you were just being sweet and supportive. you're good like that to me.

i'm honestly dizzied by how beautiful mary makes my words look, aren't you? maybe not. but just wait until you see our posters!

lazy summertime sweeterie posts monday, wednesday, and fridays. visit us, won't you? and, hey. how's your week going? i'm hyper-fatigued by an interminable frog hunt today through three creeks, three broken pairs of flip-flops, and two bloody girlie feet from an unfortunately-placed rock and a rather aggressive leech. plus an unlimited supply of mudballs. and did i mention today is day four of my mini detox? i honestly don't know how i made it out of that forest. on an empty stomach. with esmé on my shoulders. four pounds heavier than usual because of the mud caked on her little body. and i couldn't even come home and treat myself to a candy. or a latte. or anything. {whimper.}

28 July 2010

donuts and dinners...

do you ever fly home from a holiday dead sure of only three things?

one could be that you require a beach house or, at the very least, the daily possibility of sand in your britches. sandy possibilities make my heart race. you, too?

the second might have something to do with you or, say, uncle sugar {do you have one of those? you should really get yourself one of those.} chucking it all and beginning an adventure where you feed yourself and lots of others. even if the sustenance is made entirely of water ice.

and the third would definitely involve outdoor showers. but not creepy peepy-tom neighbors.

i am missing you all like mad. but, i'll be honest, i'm smack in the middle of a love affair with chlorine, a never-ending quest for yahtzee!, frog and firefly hunts, and the girlies three. not necessarily in that order.

a kiss or two to you. plus some pretty amazing people who sort of did follow through with the second thing up there: dai due, carpe donut, and supper underground. all hella cool, yes? and i'll bet their killer ideas were hatched after particularly lovely holidays. plus maybe a few inspired nudie sprints from the outdoor showers to the house. what? you never know! xoxo.