19 May 2009

i've two wishes...

my eyes are closed, my nose is all scrunched up, and i'm biting my bottom lip.

wishing, mostly.

also? trying not to sneeze. jordan's at the tail end {i hope.} of a khamsini depression. which, loosely translated, means fifty days of dusty, hot, cyclonic-type winds. plus fifty days of itchy eyes and lots of sneezes. give or take.

i swear, i feel like i'm a child again...horrible allergies, a never-ending runny nose, puffy eyes, and weekly injections that would swell up so badly i'd hold out my arms to the side like one of those beefed-up bodybuilders. one with a tragically short haircut, buck teeth, and a rather large bum.

i call them my sneezy years. everyone else in my family seems to remember it as when our little sister turned into an unfortunate little boy who looked like he was crying all the time. one with a rather large bum.

my sneezy years sounds way cuter.

but back to my two wishes. my first is that you'll fly over to melissa loves, where i'm spending the day. i haven't blogged or really written one creative stitch in ages, so i had giant plans for my guest post. for starters, i was going to change her blog's name to melissa loves karey m.

my dreams are much more grand than my skills.

as for my second wish, you may read about it while you're there. at melissa loves karey m.

and i will wait right here for you. with my eyes tightly closed, my nose all scrunched up, chewing on my bottom lip.

just wishing...