07 September 2011

james face...

i can't stop laughing about this. i just can't, can you?

and then i was led to this...

for me, it's exspecially instead of especially. drives me mad. you'd be surprised at the mass of functioning adults who say this. and candy corn eaters. that's a new one i invented just now. because i bought a bag of it with high hopes that they would taste like...fall...but they taste like plastic sugar.

while i'm being honest with you, can i mention that i also bought spaghettios and white bread that says italian on it? because otherwise, you wouldn't know it was italian. ugh.

do you ever do this at the change of season? buy nonsense and faux comfort food that was never really comfort food in the first place?


oh, cookie crisp cereal with chocolate rice krispies as a chaser...i love you but you kind of embarrassed me at the checkout.

finish the sentence, will you? i love you but...

all found via her. and don't forget to enter to win a forty dollar gift card from sheyna!


Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

My sister recently said to me "I love you, but please don't eat mashed potatoes from a box." My secret shame, they are so easy and belly-comforting.

I found Jason's Face through your twitter and my husband and I nearly wet ourselves looking at it for an hour.

And cookie crisp has no HFCS so I feel vaguely good about it as a treat for my son every blue moon!

becca b said...

I love you, but don't ever say "borrow me a movie" again--it makes me want to die.

Kristy said...

EXpresso instead of eSpresso drives me bonkers. So does supposeBly instead of supposeDly.

patience said...

thank you thank you

for saying "you embarrassed me at the check out"

and for sending me to two sites that made me laugh and injected humour into my work day.

oh lol

Kellie said...

I love you, but you say "quote unquote" instead of "quote end quote." And you say it all the time.

karey m. said...

lauren: pat and i laughed so hard but so silently next to each other at that site, too. i still crack up thinking of the tears that were running down his face. priceless.

becca b! ooh! that made me cringe! die, too, i guess. xo.

kristy...yes! my roomie in college did that supposebly ALL THE TIME WHEN SHE WAS TIPSY! and she was tipsy all the time. stabby.

patience! i love your name!!!

kellie. i totally thought you were talking to me. and i gasped and said to myself "i think i DO say quote unquote!" crap. i think i'll just use scare quotes from now on. ha!

xoxo all! you made me smile!

Kellie said...

Ha, Karey, I wasn't talking about you! My husband says that and it makes me want to hit him in the neck. I show more grace to other people because I don't hear them say it 5 times a day. Argh.

Pam said...

Confession: For way too many years I thought it was "For all intensive purposes." (intents & purposes)

Hi, I'm a dork.

But I do hate "irregardless". It's NOT A WORD, people.

You, however, I adore.

melissa loves said...

ah ha ha....I love the James Face thing! I hadn't seen that, too funny....I think the folks that think he is sincerely upset ( in the comments) aren't giving James enough credit for having just as wicked a sense of humor as his friend, too funny. "That is not my bush baby" :) Oh, I so hear you on the comfort foods, a road leading to nowhere. ;) "I love you but...you talk constantly about yourself and the problems with your in laws" ( NOT directed at YOU obviously! But, I do have someone in mind....:)
ps sorry that little E is NOT liking school, maybe she is just sad to be away from you? I mean, who wouldn't be? :) xo

susan said so said...

In a movie I watched recently (but can't remember the name of) someone said, "______ always said whatever comes before the 'but' doesn't count."


Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

Thanks for the mention. ;)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bush baby quote. I still laugh hysterically every time I see that.

Hooray for James' face! Ha!