09 September 2011


esmé unearthed a box of pictures from lillie and grae's first few years, and is currently devastated.

you had a fun life without me! she wailed, as she usually does on thursday nights when i'm not watching the bedtime deadline as closely as i do on, say, monday and tuesday. you told me your life was empty without me, but that's not true! you had fun without me!

there followed a mess of reassurances, but none as lovely as the one that came from lillie.

we had rainbows, but we couldn't ever see all the colors. as soon as you came, we got indigo and violet.

currently, lillie and grae are being quite competitive with each other in middle school. but it's not how you would think. not at all. they're trying to win the embarrass your sister contest.

a few days ago, lillie walked into grae's study hall and announced she was gracie's sister. and that gracie rocks! apparently, her voice was very deep. so yesterday, grae walked into the seventh grade locker bank and announced in what could only be described as her southern male PE coach voice that i'm lillie mackin's sister! yeah! i believe she even raised the roof and gave her signature swim team woop-woop!

i think grae is winning this one. but it's friday. and lillie loses her mind a little on fridays.

while grae recounted this insanity to me after school...oh...you should've seen lill's chandelier smile.

currently, i am bright pink. i just got home from the middle school because lillie remembered to bring her guitar but totally forgot her math, science, and language arts binders. a dad who had obviously just rolled out of bed and who was driving a hummer {i don't know why that is an important detail. it's probably not.} held open the door for us.

we were really far away, though, esmé and i, so we kind of had to hurry to get to him. which i think is wrong. i hate hurrying just to be polite. and also? this is a high-security school. they have methods in place so randoms don't just walk in.

how did he know i wasn't a random?

i wish i had asked that. i really do. because what came out of my mouth instead was how do you know i'm not a child killer?

i. know.

and he replied why would you say something like that? you're horrible. that is the wrong thing to say.


i. know. that. mister. but you made me hurry and i didn't think and...

so currently, i am pinked. make that red. bright.

esmé suggested something maybe i need to remember more often. mom? sometimes it's important to just be polite and say thank you instead of something weird.

i. know.

have a nice weekend. i wish you'd do something awfully embarrassing to make me feel better. that's what a real friend would do, you know. and hey! picking the winner tomorrow morning, so you still have all day to leave a comment here for a sweet and cool gift from sheyna! xoxo. look at my gimme bar, will you? i've collected all these pictures...


Asher Seveland said...

so, first of all when i read what lillie said about rainbows to esme i wanted to put my head on my desk and cry. that is so perfect in every way. wonderful.
then, the embarrassment contest made me laugh.

THEN,the story about that man letting you in the school. ugh. i hope you're exaggerating. did he really say that to you?! that was really awful of him. you should secretly put super environmental stickers all over the back of his stupid hummer. ugh. what he said was mean. you just made the mistake of joking with humorless ass.

this is a long comment but i forgot this the other day:
"I love you but you say irregardless".

karey m. said...

asher...i so wish with all my heart that i was exaggerating. i wish he had smiled even a LITTLE.

and i didn't want to say that about hummers but i am glad you did. my brother has one even though he's one of the best people ever invented.


Richie Designs said...

I love how the girls totally call you out. hilarious

heather said...

the hummer is, indeed, and important detail.

CMN said...

Seriously, K, your girlies give the best advice!

(well, at least, the advice you share with the rest of us... they probably also give each other really bad advice about things like breakfast cereal and playing with markers near non-coloring surfaces...?)

joyful.mara said...

LOVE your stories and your quick wit little ones. Thank you for sharing today. This gave me many smiles and giggles for the weekend.

krista said...

you. make me laugh.

Estelle said...

Jeez, you always make me smile. Even when I'm in the midst of a giant pitty party. Thank you, always, for that.

Heather said...

i love that you share this stuff - love!

melissa loves said...

Oh god....first of all, those girls SLAY me. SLAY I say.That comment about the rainbow is just THE perfect thing to say. PERFECT. I say. Then the dude with the hummer....do I really NEED to tell you what I think about THAT?! He is driving a hummer for god's SAKE! WHAT does he KNOW? Not much, I tell you. ( keeping in mind that your fantastic bro drives one too but, he is the exception) What a moron ( pronounced maroon) Of course you were JOKING ( and a little peeved at him for making you hurry and feel like a dork and what about security?!) I mean seriously....argh. Do I need to come down there? ;)
ps I have a FANTASTICALLY embarrassing story for you, that puts that one in the pale. But, there is NO way I can tell it to you, until I am slightly drunk at alt. Ok?