17 May 2011

life is like a carnival...

we took the girlies three for a quick burst of carnival last night. rain clouds have been popping since it came to town, but there was a short serendipitous window where swim team was cancelled {by grae} and uncle sugar came home a little early and esmé and i...well...we're always available for adventure.

i think you can tell a lot about yourself by the way you respond to a carnival. i really do.

take lillie, for example. the little charmer tried to talk nearly every gamer into accepting her tickets instead of money. shocked every time when the men growled and pointed to the sign.

oh dear, she'd say. i've no money. and then she'd turn slowly and walk away, waiting for them to see her sadness draped over her slumped shoulders and stop her. recognizing for the first time in their grizzled little lives that carnivals are about so much more than making money.

apparently, it's difficult to see such things with cross-eyes.

grae was in heaven. truth be told, we went for her. that little thing loves a good freak show. she didn't care as much about the rides as she did to see to the world's tallest horse, the world's smallest devil boy, a goat with five legs, and a midget bull. also, she was clearly checking the ticket taker at the door of this exhibit for his...errr...special peccadillo.

he had a few.

remember this quote? i think of it every time i see her walk around in the world.

esmé. oh, esmé. she was dead-silent the entire time unless we were on a death ride. she let out an occasional wooo! threw her hands up in the air like uncle sugar taught her, and then grabbed the bar in front of her like it would actually save her. silly girl.

at one point, she hisspered to me everyone's so pretty here.

i scrunched up my face and looked around and scrunched up my face even more. are you kidding me,

she took a deep, shaky breath and looked around again. well. i'm sure they're nice. to someone.

i like a girl who can dig a compliment out of dirt.

after a deep-fried oreo and one shared funnel cake, we escaped for some nasi goreng and satay. just practice for our next adventure...

it's true, isn't it? how you respond to carnivals is really close to how you respond to life? maybe? anyway. i want to be the first photo when i get a little older. and that is one gorgeous line in the second, yes?


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

glad I stopped here for my first dose of morning words ~ you always set the bar high for the rest of the day!

"it's difficult to see things with crossed-eyes" ~ brilliant.

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

Hmm, a carnival/ life theory...maybe so. My mom always said, "Anything that can go up that quickly, can come down that quickly." I've kept the idea in my head that temporary rides just aren't safe and should be avoided. And, in life, I'm pretty cautious too. I'm a think-this-thing-out (make sure there are no loose screws) kind of girl.

That being said, deep fried oreos sound incredible, so maybe I do like a few sweet adventures. ;)

Ana Degenaar said...

I'm afraid to say the way I respond to carnivals would speak very badly about me. I go straight to the corn dogs and deep-fried jalapenos stands.

Esmé is such a lovely girl, I bet those people ARE beautiful in someone's eyes. Well said girly!

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

"i like a girl who can dig a compliment out of the dirt." i think that this may be among the smartest things i've ever read.

CMN said...

Everyone else is noting the pretty words, but I'm sort of hung up on that first photo... I totally want to be that look too. To me it says "who cares how old I am? this morning I hit the surf and now I'm making art. tonight I'll be eating fresh food at the beach around a bonfire while you do your late conference call... "

Hmm. Maybe I need a beach vacation.

Carlyree said...

Genuis. Love it. What does it mean if all I want to do at the carnival is eat everything in sight?! Exception: the carnies, of course.;)

Alix H. said...

What if the idea of a carnival just makes you itch? What does that mean?

leslie said...

I am so in love with that tattoo! What does it say? Your blog is fantastic. Found you on pinterest.