18 May 2011

my other wrist...

my morning's already been a little crazed.

mostly due to a sleepless night worrying over esmé's naughtiness, a two a.m. search for a stinkbug in the pitch black, three girlies to three schools, and finding my new neighbor's lost dog on my front lawn. eating a rabbit. that had probably been eating my front lawn a few minutes earlier. circle of life. plus ants.

i think there are two types of people in the world. those who spray their counter-tops and entire kitchens with raid until everyone's coughing...and those who do not.


i'm having a heck of a time finding joy in this wednesday. i just am. i'm laughing about it, but also kind of rolling my eyes and sighing a little, too. and then! the woman called to remind me about my mammogram tomorrow and my response was honestly "uhhh...like i've been thinking about anything else all week!"

so smart and kind.

anyway. my right wrist cheers me up immensely. i wear this bauble mostly when i shouldn't. with tee shirts and flip-flops.

the stones race all the way 'round in varying degrees of blue. uncle sugar said it reminded him of my eyes.

we should all remember that...telling someone that you gave them this particular gift because it reminded you of their something-whatevers. it makes the gift sound more like i love you.

{esmé's taken to mixing all her puzzles together to make it more of a challenge. this is an endearing quirk, i think.}


Ana Degenaar said...

I would be extremely crabby if I were you. The part of the dog eating the rabbit shocked me to the point of "ewwww" - I think you need some rest, a good cup of jo, a magazine and a kiss from ésme. Sending good vibes and hugs.

Sherry said...

LOVE it! You either photoshopped your hand or I want the name of the brand of your hand lotion. Pretty handsies, my Dahling.

I couldn't do these pretty wrists posts since lately my hands are looking worse than my 45-year old self. I can't believe how it happend overnight too.

Get some good cuddles tonight from your girlies three.

Sending good wishes for tomorrow :)

karey m. said...

ana...esme's in SO MUCH TROUBLE! but i have to say, a hug from her does make my heart slow down. xoxo, you.

and sherry the little pixie! NO. WAY. my hand looks old as DUST! if i knew how to photoshop, i'd show you full-on pics of me in a bikini. i would.

note to self: never learn photoshop. ha! xoxo.

Caroline said...

that esme. she is a hoot (or sounds to be!) and offers much of my favorite mackin ink blog material!

wear that bracelet tomorrow - it's happy memories will bring a diversion of the best sort! thinking of you!

Shannon said...

I love that wrist être! (i don't know what that means, it just auto corrected for me and I am having having a lackluster day so I'm leaving it)

As for ants and stink bugs, if you find a solution I would love to know. I walk around my house with Raid in one hand and windex in the other...

Carlyree said...

Even though your day sounds hectic, your writing still managed to make it sound lovely to me. Keep on keepin' on! And warm, happy thoughts to you for tomorrow. I am the paranoid symptom-Googler as well, so I can empathize with your worries.

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

That bracelet does remind me of your eyes--and Uncle Sugar is the MAN for saying that.

Oh my Esme!! I love that little girl (okay I love all your girlies) but her??? I'm definitely marrying one of my boys off to her.

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melissa loves said...

ugh. I know those days. I am so sorry. Your wrist is stellar ( like you) and as I searched for something to read today that wasn't going to piss me off more than I already am...I picked you. So, there you go. I adore you.