25 January 2012

so this is it...

it was a sunday morning or maybe saturday, but i remember three things. uncle sugar was looking quite chocolate-lovely on a leather chair with a bon appetit in his hands. i was standing in the kitchen hoping someone would make me something. and then he looked up.

those browns of his, when concerned, gut me every time. and at this moment, he looked very concerned.

kar? we're about to go through a very. bad. period.

every bit of liquid that sloshes through my body rushed to my toes and i thought i'd faint a little. so. this is it. this is how it happens. on a sunday morning or maybe saturday.

he continued, shaking his head in grave apology.

those beans i bought...they're terrible.

liquid back to sloshing as usual.

coffee beans. coffee. beans.

i almost just wrote we need bigger problems, but then i got scared about throwing that out to the universe. so forget that, mister. i will gladly take sub-par and somewhat bitter beans over trouble any day. did i say that loud enough? sigh.

gimme. gimme.


Ana Degenaar said...

No! Don't do this to me! My heart stopped for a second. So happy it was coffee beans even though it is not just coffee beans. I mean, we are talking COFFEE here.

erica lorraine scheidt said...

damn beans.

leigh said...

i will forgive you for making my heart stop just a little there ;)

i do have to admire a man that is so dramatic about my second love - darling coffee...

Anonymous said...

Have to agree bad beans is a serious problem. Love this story

Katie said...

When my husband pulls lines like that (only all the time), I always punch him in the shoulder a little. But then I laugh and enjoy that wonderfully joyful sense of relief.

Seriously, though, my heart skipped for a second...thank God it was just coffee, but wait--the coffee is bad?!

katie said...

oh karey...
don't do this to us...
you and your mad writing skills, giving me a sour stomach ache.
rats on you.
but i completely understand, bad beans....pfft.
not even whipped cream can cover that bid'ness.
kisses on your head!!

karey m. said...

for the record? the beans have grown on me!

i just couldn't IMAGINE what had him so UPSET! so my writer mind goes straight to the cosmo mag in the nail salon! insert tawdry story delivered via text or on a sunday morning here!

xoxo all! i love how you're all coffee hounds like me! xo

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

That was cruel of you Ms. Karey...especially after not hearing from you for a few days. Did you hear the big PHeeeeW! all the way from Cali?

May the only bitterness in your life be bad coffee beans...hee hee.

Richie Designs said...

My heart stopped a second and then I giggled

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

you put everything in perspective. always.