23 November 2011


i was writing last night while the girlies were watching x-factor, and i kept reminding them not to fall asleep until josh krajcik performed.

tell me when he's on, i must've yelled ten times.

i could feel esmé rolling her eyes. you're just gonna cry, she warned.

i did. he sang wild horses, which is one of my favorite favorites ever. and explaining it to esmé what it meant in words she could understand...well. if you want meaningful things to mean even more, explain them in simple terms.

couldn't drag me away...damn if i don't feel that way every time i look at this little family of mine.

spending the week with friends and lovely traditions and there might even be a day or two when i lounge at the kitchen island and watch uncle sugar make magic. kidding about the might part. also about the day or two part. it's a four-day weekend, after all, and our fridge is stocked with some pretty brilliant ingredients! xoxo.


Amy said...

Among the many things I'm grateful for are included your blog posts. Thanks for blogging to share your words, thoughts and feelings. I love reading them.

Kate said...

I'm all for four days in a row of lounging. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Richie Designs said...

you had me at Wild Horses.

katie said...

kind of how i feel about your blog "you're just gonna cry."
i do. big, fat, juicy tears.
even when you tell the non- wah'wah stories.
you just have that effect. you affect. and i have much affection.
just saw that you're going to be at ALT. i have whiplash from my mini twirl-party which ensued.
thankful for a world with karey.
gobble gobble,

ZDub said...

I think you are just the best.