17 November 2011


esmé would wholeheartedly agree with this. i would, too, but not remotely in the same way.

potato, potato.



Relyn said...

You crack me up!

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

oh this is so true. i'm such a night owl.

Chrissylove said...

I'm afraid I passed on my night owl gene to my Stella. Which will come in handy when she's a teenager... for both of us.

melissa loves said...

So, so true....sigh.

the lil bee said...

Funny I'm reading this now, just as Devon is upstairs yapping away and Blake has finally quieted down.

Take that back, she's squealing. They do this. They talk to each other from their side of the room. It's really kind of adorable.

Happy Thanksgiving, friend;) xo