15 November 2011

a test...

at some point last night, lillie stopped studying with me for her science exam. which is exactly when grae took over.

it must've been when i ran downstairs to chat with uncle sugar, who was writing a practice essay in bahasa indonesian about...hold me, friends...housemaids. specifically, the hiring of them.

ok. daydream done.

we heard them laughing their heads off for over an hour, and kind of smiled at each other. our lillie and grae and their little sidekick, too, who honestly knows next-to-nothing about diffusion and meiosis and cytokinesis. trust me.

there's a bit of a problem in that all of grae's study prompts begin with a fat kid trying to stuff himself through the door. or cell membrane, as it were. also, the fat kid has an indistinguishable accent; a startlingly gross mix of uneducated, dull, and cockney, if you can imagine. so when lillie gets ready to write out a definition or process, she clears her throat first. kind of like a bad muppet.

lillie may not get an A today, but i guess pat and i are fine with that.

actually, we're more than fine with that.


A-M said...

We have a Science test today too. Lillie's study sounds so much more fun than my Master's! Two more weeks of school and then we can all breathe out. Aaaaah! A-M xx

Kim Grey said...

Finally, I know the secret of that wonderful old book smell. Thank you. :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

lucky you...now someone else can make the bed and vacuum the floor. where will your ocd energies be placed now?

btw, please tell me you are attending ALT.

RETRO REVA said...

A flippin inspiring blog!