14 November 2011


do you know how long it takes to tell someone you love them?

whisper that you're sure they hung the moon and stuck on all the stars in perfect pattern? that the sight of them, the sound of them, the sweet smell of them...causes your heart to stop whatever it's doing - no matter how important that doing may be - dropping beats like mad and completely forgetting about everything else except one thing.

zero time. so little time that you can't even find it on a clock. you've got to find it in your heart.

last night, esmé and i were reading. her, this. me, this.

by the way. i write down genius lines from genius books to see what it feels like to write genius lines in genius books. do you ever do that? in this case, i wrote: he forgets that he was someone's dream once, himself.

we shouldn't forget that, should we. it would probably make us a lot nicer to the people who've chosen to be around us. and who keep on choosing us, yes?

so out of the blue, i hear esmé say i love you.

and i smiled so hard. she fills silence with love. check.

i love you, too, mémé, i answered back.

and here's where i know she's going to skate through life with a smile. ooh, she grinned. i was actually talking to wemberly.

and then we both laughed while i stumbled to pick up all my fallen beats. because we both knew she wasn't.


Shannon said...

My little heart started "I wuv you too mommy" a couple months ago. I swore I would remember the exact moment, second, breath, of the first time she could tell me, but I don't. I guess I could hear it even when there was no response, you know...

Caroline said...

that esme' is good with words and people. she's a charmed one fo sho!xo

so genki said...

it makes my day to see that you have written something new. and that is before i've even read it. this is beautiful.

Fern and Feather said...

such a perfect little moment. thank you for filling my little break from colic with a sweet story. It reminds me that one day this phase will be over and my little guy will say "i love you"


Relyn said...

I love you, Karey.