25 October 2011

you're your mom...

if you ask lillie a question like where did you get that? or what is that? or even what's up lill? she'll sweetly and devilishly answer your mom! with a delightful mike ditka-esque accent.

public school is such a charming breeding ground for sketchy linguistics.

last night, we were writing a paper for lillie - a group effort requiring frequent breaks to see who can leap on one foot the farthest or shred a piece of paper with one ninja hi-yah! - and trying to memorize all the words to this. she had a bit of leftover neon pink frosting on her tank from the giant cupcake cake we'd made after lacrosse, and esmé asked what's that?

and there comes the chandelier smile. your mom!

i'd had it. got all frowny and muttered that doesn't even look like me, lillie.

esmé is picking up every little thing her big sisters do and say. sort of.

this morning when i asked what she was eating for breakfast, she whirled around and tried to hide her forkful of cupcake cake, pointed to me and yelled you're mom!

yes. that's more like it.


melissa loves said...

oh god....isn't it though? Such a great breeding ground(not) but, so FUNNY ( kind of) and we are SO trying to learn all the words to that too! "oops I said on my crack, I didn't really mean to say on my crack but, as long as we're talking about my crack, all you haters say hi to that" :) Hope you are having a kick ass week thus far and HOW much do I wish you could come to my pop up shop? You could you know....you could some down on the train and stay with me and....am I rambling? sigh.
ps Your mom!

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