20 October 2011

notes to self...

i do not personally subscribe to this theory.

i've always forever believed in kissing whenever you feel like kissing. thank god i was so homely in middle school and no one took me up on it.

lillie and grae came home the other day just crawling up our front steps, doubled over with laughter. MOM! they called, snorting with giggles. LISTEN TO THIS!

it took ages, but they finally spilled the stories of a girl who wrote her boyfriend a love letter that included the phrase "i'm gonna make ur life miserable." he broke up with her ten minutes later.

and another sweet young thing who wrote anonymously to a boy she likes, "hey, babe. you looked sexy last night from the bushes outside of your house."

ummm. i'm going to teach a class, i think. how to write love letters that don't make the recipients hate you. or call the police. something like this.

i told the girlies to never ever not ever write a note to someone they like {and this should only happen in college, by the way} without running it by me for creative edits. they have no idea the goldmine they hit with me as their mom. i can't do much, but i can write about love. they'll appreciate this someday, i bet.

also, don't get me started on college applications. can i write their essays?


Caroline said...

dear karey,

i'm thinking i might start forwarding you my love notes for review. i'm thinking they could use some assistance.


ps - i miss your weekly wrist photo!

karey m. said...

i will help you! anytime!

and my canon was broken but is now home and fixed...i've just got to bust it out again! they're coming! xoxo

Richie Designs said...


my very best one was set down on my desk anonymously at a coffee shop while I was in the loo... it had a poem and pictures telling me I was the queen of everything or something lovely.

my [then] husband [now ex] didn't think it was as wonderful and we got in a fight and made me throw it out.

I still regret that - both the ex and the throwing out of the letter!