18 October 2011

my sister just sent me...

straight back to a time when i wasn't online for one single second during the day. not one.

i sat next to these two little things and arranged dollhouse furniture, watched mulan at least ten million times, and made picket signs for their barbies. it was the only way i'd let them play with barbies...if they were conscious barbies.

we stayed in our pajamas all day until five minutes before the very moment uncle sugar walked through the door. and we gasped the minute we saw him.

and then this little smidge came along.

i'm sometimes afraid that i'm not as good of a mom anymore. like, i'm really no longer that mom-on-the-floor. i write a lot. a lot a lot. and if i'm not writing, i worry about writing and being a better writer for my clients. i'm over-scheduled and disorganized in the most organized way and i stink at bedtimes unless bedtimes are yelling contests. because then i would win. and i'm not sure i remember often enough to gasp when uncle sugar walks through the door.

i should gasp when that boy walks through the door. i should.

i say it all the time, but life gets so in the way of life, doesn't it?

thank you, jeje, for sending my babies back to me. xoxo


Mary said...

Oh, I am so feeling this post today. I hate how much I yell at bedtime. And mine are still so little! Yes, life certainly does get in the way sometimes.

Loui♥ said...

Here's a tissue! Blow!
now blow, again, one more time!
wipe your eyes,pull up your big girl panties!
blue mundane mopey Monday was yesterday..
today is terrific totally awesome Tuesday!
Guess what?!..You are the very best of mommies..or God would not have created these delightful darlings just for you!
Sure.. sometimes we have our off days, and feel like failures,like we are not doing, giving our very best for our kids..maybe a bit too loud in the yelling department at bedtime.. But again..you are only human..and are learning parenting 101 from A-Z via on the job training WITHOUT an instruction booklet! and that is times three uniquely different kiddos!!
Here's another tissue, and a hug..
put a happy smile on that beautiful face..
cuddle your kiddos.. make a nice dinner and relax..
knowing in your heart,you are doing and giving your very best..
the best truly is.. yet to come!!
now back to regularly scheduled blog surfing!!
warmest hugs..
laughing smiles..

Pretty Neat Designs said...

"I'm over-scheduled and disorganized in the most organized way" I think I should get that printed on my business cards. I don't think I'd get many clients that way, but it would be funny. and sort of true.

Relyn said...

You may not gasp every day. But you give good word.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

you know how my heart feels about this topic.

and you, wonderful you, are the best mama ever. i mean really...the lessons and love being taught {very fond of the barbie with picket signs}.

Richie Designs said...

barbie picket signs - I love you

Robin said...

Can you please send your sister over to my place? This is a lesson I need to re-learn as well.

Also? Conscious Barbies? You are the best mama ever!


Carlyree said...

again... tears! I know just what you mean, and I'm not even there yet. I'm still in that on-the-floor-playing toddler stage, yet I can already relate to how you are feeling now. I think that motherhood makes the hardest profession because of all the guilt. No matter how awesome you are doing, you always feel like you should be doing better or more. I'm sure you are mothering your not-so-baby babies fabulously!! This role of 'mom' is constantly changing. (Another reason it's so darn difficult!) Seriously, motherhood ain't for sissies! :( My mother should have warned me better-ha! ;) Anyway, don't beat yourself up. In a way, the phase you're in gives me hope that one day I will be able to return to my own professional goals. You should never stop writing. Seriously.

CMN said...

Okay, so I double-dare you to ask your girlies three if they want to spend an hour playing Barbies with you tomorrow!

Either A) it will be a new & hilarious memory, or B) they'll thing you've lost your mind. In which case, you'll be all "okay, I was just checking to make sure you really had outgrown that toy... "

Then you can all sit around and take photos of each other doing gasps and faux looks of surprise for Uncle Sugar. Just to make sure.

Heather said...

i feel most certain that you are a much better mom than you think you are.

Kristin said...

i feel better just knowing that i'm not the only one. thanks for your honesty with us always.

the lil bee said...

You're a great mom. You have taught me some great lessons, and you're not even MY mom! But I know what you mean. And I try to get on that floor a lot, too.

My gosh, those little munchkins are beautiful!

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