17 October 2011


there's too much to tell you, which always overwhelms me to the point that i don't tell you a single thing of import.

i just spent the morning reading mails from a new faraway friend who's been sending me pics of her faraway home which may be mine, soon. not the exact home, but probably the same architecture and batik and lush gardens. i like beginning the week with a healthy dose of wanderlust.

i bought these and these for the girlies, plus a set of six shades of brown in the most velvety-soft pencils i've ever felt...so that lillie could do a self-portrait accurately. they like to draw before bedtime, and i am all about a few quiet moments before bedtime. that is usually just prior to the moments when i am screaming brush your teeth! and shush it, lillie!

last night, lillie was making - what are they called? - an acrostic? where you write your name and then describe yourself with words beginning with all of the letters in your name? of course, she began with lovely. it's true. and then...well, then...

grae walked by and asked, "what's incedible?" {pronounced in-seed-able, fyi.}

lillie rolled her eyes and corrected with disdain, "incredible."

grae shook her head and suggested a dictionary. plus maybe an r. because as it stood, lill was incedible.

uncle sugar is learning a new language, and is just at the beginning stages of speaking. he has a little vocabulary app on his iPad, which pronounces the words in a woman's voice. i WISH WISH WISH i could let you hear a recording of his first few words. so high-pitched and adorable that i still crack up when i remember it. he has since ditched the lady voice and learned a much...manlier...way of speaking bahasa indonesian.

esmé, as you know by now, is pretty effusive. and she says things like "i very want to go there." and "i very like that girl." things like that.

the other day, pat corrected her speech, which he rarely does. fwee and teef were just fine for ages because we both kind of feel that language, among other developmental things, are organic. they'll come when they come. or, at least, one of us still feels that way.

but on this day, he edited her. "it's i really want to go there or i very much want to go there. not i very want to go there."

i looked at him like he was crazypants. "why are you correcting her?" i wondered.

and he kind of snapped back "because i currently speak like a three year old in bahasa indonesian. and it's driving me insane."

poor thing. he's not really used to being anything less than incedible.

happy monday, you little sweethearts. i feel like it's already started well. hope i didn't just jinx it for us. oh! one more thing that made me laugh really hard this weekend. whenever pat sees something i've bought, either for dinner or for the house, and i'm unusually excited about it, he nods like he's supremely interested and then asks "did you get it at a garage sale?" gets me every time with its unexpected {insert proper synonym for jackass} quality, doesn't it? all photos from my gimme bar.


Caroline said...

i love a monday that starts well! hope rest of the week follows suit.. xo

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

every word of this post is incedible because i like to think good things happen to extra good people. far away lands, new languages, and girlies who draw and write before bed...yes, indeed, incedible!

btw, sean is most interested in this ipad app you mention. please share.

Bekah said...

The best advice I ever recieved when just starting to explore the depths of a new language was this : "It is your job to be embarrassed 80% of the time. If you don't feel at least a little embarrassed 80% of the time, you are not speaking enough"

Now that I teach kids English, I realize that part of the magic of kids is that they don't care if they yell "monkey" at the top of their lungs when they turn over a giraffe in memory. that embarrassment of making a mistake is apparently unique to us adults. i'd like to let esmé keep her magic.

karey m. said...

me, too, caroline! xo

mel...you make me think that incedible is actually a word! i adore you. will mail you in a bit.

bekah. you are genius. that is so awesome and i'm going to pass along that bit of brill to pat. also, i think i'm embarrassed 80% of the time because i'm speaking too much. eep. xo

Relyn said...

Oh, I am EXCITED for you. My family lived in Indonesia for a few years. In fact, Indonesian was my brothers first language. We were all fluent, but have lost it in the past 30 years. It was a marvelous place to live. You'll have a blast.