27 October 2011

three reasons why...

i decided to list three reasons why it's a very good day. already. just to drown out why it's probably not.

i made pad thai for dinner last night, and i'm still smiling about that this morning. you guys! you know i'm completely disinterested in dinner and also that i specialize in two ingredients or less! and the best part is that both grae and uncle sugar - my two chopped champions - gobbled. it. up. and both of them talked about it again this morning!

happy chair dance.

also in last night news, we went on a halloween errand and smiled the entire time. in party city. that is a feat.

we were standing in a sea of crabbing kids and parents, and lillie and grae were just quietly picking out vampire teeth and bloody gauze and deciding that, yes, grae did need the hockey mask and, no, lillie did not need the false eyelashes. hers are long enough, grae determined. and lillie was pleased. and esmé held my hand the entire time.

our smiles carried us out to the parking lot, where we saw the. most. adorable. grandma. in. the. entire. universe. i seriously melted a little and made a wish on a foggy star that i'd turn out just like that.

mmmm, lill murmured wonderfully. she looks like iris apfel.

my girl.

for the past two days, i've seen my sister in every beautiful moment that's come my way. it's strange and it makes me cough and smile brighter than i should.

it's in the kiss that esmé gives to lillie's belly with the wish that she has a gweat day. it's how lillie stops. just stops. when she sees how soulfully esmé draws these days. it's in the middle of a brawl over shoelaces with lill out-of-the-blue telling grae take 'em. they're shoelaces. i'd rather have you.

pat always asks me what i want. i love that he's still curious. but wish lists always make me a little sad, don't they? i feel like, write down everything you've lost so far under the heading things i've lost so far. and then cross out that heading and write in its place, my wish list.

same list, yes?

i tell my girls all the time that i'd trade every damn thing in this house for one more christmas with my sister. they look around and see a lot of stuff. and understand, i think.

there. three reasons why it's a very good day already. see above. all of which could also be replaced with three very lovely girls.

same list.

two additional things that make me happy: she is back and she is where she is supposed to be. xoxo.


leigh said...

oh karey... how is it possible that you are constantly breaking my heart and healing it at the same time.

your words are on my daily wish list.

i was also so very pleased to see Raleigh back at bunny victorious... i missed that lady.

Richie Designs said...

how the heck to your kids know about Iris?

I think I just learned about her 5 years ago. AND of course I want to be her when I grow up.

I *love* your family and your stories so magical

Jill said...

You had me both smiling and tearing up all in the same minute.


katie said...

and "esme held {your} hand the entire time."
squirting tears.

katie love to you!

Katie said...

There's so much wonderful here.

Beth Janairo said...

o kar. "write down everything you've lost so far under the heading 'things i've lost so far.' and then cross out that heading and write in its place, 'my wish list.' same list, yes?"

egad that hurts. and helps?

Callie Grayson said...

you write the most wonderful things! your girls are all very lovely:)

I know how much my sister means to me and I would trade everything in my house for you to have one more Christmas with your sister!