10 October 2011

i am missing you...

that is pretty much all true, and the only real content of this post. life is getting in the way of me and you.

the girlies and i pushed pause a few times this weekend and cuddled in front of some movies while uncle sugar opened up an italian restaurant in our kitchen. instead of insidious, we watched bill cunningham new york. they were dubious at best as we watched the first few seconds, but then? they fell in love.

his is a good story. i like how he's lived it.

and then a revisit with babies. old news, but worthwhile to the max. i love to see which babies and from what corner of the world are my girlies' faves. {hint: they are not fans of the san fran family!}

are you watching anything good? reading anything better? i am in need of some inspiration. xoxo and happy week.


Richie Designs said...

I love that you showed the girlies that movie {and that they watched!}

my favorite book as of late The Help [no haven't seen the movie], also read Portia de Rossi's book [girlfriend was crazzeee during her eating disorder] and just finished One Day. Not sure how I feel about that one...the last quarter of the book was good, but not fond of how it flowed.

but really .... The Help on my top 10 list. Great writing - couldn't put it down.

melissa loves said...

Missing you but, loving that you are pausing with your babes. That is the real magic...although the online magic is fun too. :) I don't think you would like what I am reading though I am completely absorbed. And I haven't seen anything to report either. But, I love this post, maybe it will make you feel good.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

please tell your girlies that not all babies from sf are raised that way. crumb is proof.

just finished the count of monte cristo, and my brain needs a reading pause for a few days. love the classics.

i'm completely absorbed in the showtime series (of a few years back) the tudors. thank goodness for netflix and the ability to watch non-stop late at night when mcdreamy is out of town {i never sleep when he is missing}.

miss you but thrilled you are enjoying a reprieve filled with your girlies. and i love we both had tattoo images on a monday.

ZDub said...

That. Photo.

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

we just watched a documentary (instant play on netflix) about origami called between the folds. it was fascinating and relaxing. the narrator has a really calm, soothing voice....and she sounds more and more stoned as the film progresses, which was fun. :) people do amazing things with paper.

la la Lovely said...

Oh, I'm reading like 4 books at once and really not reading any of them thoroughly. It is a bad habit of mine. I swear every time I see a tattoo photo I think this just might be the one that converts me ...but this really really might be the home. I don't know about the placement but the - word - h o m e - wow! So glad you are enjoying your girls.
xo Trina

erica lorraine scheidt said...

bill cunningham ny is magical. also this book: imaginary girls. and


every episode of friday night lights.

KateB said...

Oh my god - how did I not know there was a film about Bill Cunningham? I love him and his bicycle and his camera. Pure magic. Thank you! And thank you for your beautiful images and unique voice - loving it all.

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