04 October 2011


there are weeks when i just want to hang with my girlies and listen to their every story and tell them all of mine and run three miles a day and think harder about dinner far earlier than, say, six thirty and read lucky peach cover to cover and research indonesia like mad and make tennis dates and not write a single word.

this is one of those weeks.

little things are happening here and there and in between. esmé rearranged lillie and grae's bedroom last night like a shop. there's a jewelry display, a shoe section with uggs and chucks and vans and cleats, a clear mascara bar, bags and totes...it's pretty amazing.

of course, the girls have some edits. they're not pleased with their under-britches on display and organized by color of polka dots. minor change.

you know what's been on my mind? i asked them to name their all-time favorite places to live. only one of them answered here. i thought about that all night, and probably over-thought it as i usually do.

is it too simplistic to believe that where you are right now should be your favorite place? and is it sad if it isn't? you know how i worry...

there are also weeks when all i want to do is wear low cut dresses. those weeks are fun, too.


kate said...

Tearing at my heart strings. I am 3000 miles away from where I want to be and I miss it every single day. Constant struggle to try and love where I live.
p.s. I LOVE that dress.

kate said...
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Anonymous said...

What do you need to research about Indonesia? I have been living in Jakarta for two years.

Bekah said...

can a heart have more than one favorite place? my favorite place is here, where i am. and there, where those people i love the most deeply live.

i think the worry might only be important when talking about a place that is the opposite of favorite. of course, even then, with the right pair of shoes, places can grow on you. unless its too freezing in winter. there is no forgiveness for freezing.

i love the way you love your girlies. i am sure they are your most favorite place ever. and it is breathtaking.

melissa loves said...

First of all...I want to come to that shop ( with or without the skivvies) :) and secondly...I agree. Sometimes my girls still bemoan that we aren't in our old house and then I feel bad. But, the new house is so much more awesome? Shouldn't they love it like I do? But, time will care for that I think....and I know how you worry( as I do) but, you are their real home. Don't forget, wherever you are is home to them for now.

mrs. darling said...

my sister and i used to make our walk-in closets into pantie and shoes boutiques. items could be purchased with monopoly money.

i think in some ways each place i have lived has been my favorite place, for various reasons. i have two top favorites...dakar, senegal. because, in a thousand ways, that is the place that formed me into the adult i am today. and my other favorite...where i am right now. this is home.