11 October 2011

she's open for business...

i really, genuinely like this girl. she's smart, well-read, kind beyond belief, and her blog is one of the prettiest - while being the coolest - around.

years ago...YEARS!...i begged her to open a shoppe and sell me one of her monkey prints. they didn't exactly exist at all, but they were three monkeys hanging from a chandelier at the tippy top of her blog, and i wanted a massive copy for my girlies three.

{this was when esmé was going through her monkey stage. much less to do with her antics and way more to do with the shape of her mouth and the way she walked.}

these lucite stamps are my fave. i'm buying three. so my monkeys can be a little more civilized.

enjoy her shop. and buy something. you'll get it in a little wooden keepsake box and you'll gasp and say something like "oh, karey was right. she is cool." you probably won't say the karey part, but you will be pleased. promise. xoxo.


dreamday said...

i'm in love! absolutely perfect. the simplicity and packaging are dreamy. saving her shop in my bookmarks for future reference. what a great graduation gift the stationary box would be!

Kim Grey said...

What a pretty site! I love the pink poppy print. I've got the page bookmarked now.

Kate said...

Whoa, those stamps are beautiful! Thanks for the heads up!

ZDub said...


Miss B. said...

Thank you sweet Karey! I feel like a celebrity, no I feel like Kim Kardashian as surely that is better than being any ol' run of the mill, earned it for talent celebrity, lol. You are the best of the best and I am so lucky that you thought of me on this day.


Miss B.