02 September 2011


mémé and i are in charge of the cupcakes. lillie gave us a bunch of instructions and colors and flavors, but we both lost our head in the cake mix aisle. it happens to the best of us.

i picked up a box of gorgeous gaily-striped candles, tossed them in my basket, and that is when everything stopped. my heart included.

i need two boxes of candles for my lillie now, i whispered.

and mémé looked at me and i looked back at her and we both smiled extra large to distract from the puddles and she asked if i was going to cry and i outright lied and said no. that would be silly to be crying in the cake mix aisle.

but then i changed my mind about that. because lillie is worth my tears no matter when and no matter where.

nothing silly about that at all.

my lillie katie. happy thirteenth. you are perfect seemed appropriate for you.


Barchbo said...

I love teenage girls and I am a wee, teeny, tiny bit envious that you have one (I am lying. It's full-blown envy. They are the BEST! Plus, you have the best girls, so you know your teenager is tip-top, fabulous best!)

Happy Birthday to your girl! So many adventures and so much joy ahead! And you still have good knees and joints. I'll be 53 when my son turns 13.

megan said...

aw. happy thirteenth birthday, lillie. what a milestone for both of you.

Sherry said...


happy, happy day to your sweetpea.

and, i promise you--you will have so much fun. having a teenage girl is the best roller coaster ride i've ever been on. and i'm still riding it.

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

I will probably never know the agony of a teenage daughter nor the joy of being her best friend...but this was so touching. I'm not a teary Mom, but when I peeped in on my little wee one last weekend being swallowed up by his big boy bed for the first night, I wept. I shook with sobs. How can I be so happy and so sad at the same time?

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I so so enjoy your blog; I'm thrilled that I've found you.

Richie Designs said...

happy birthday to the fabulous Lillie Katie!

cateoh said...

It seems your girl is worth my tears too and I'm a total stranger on the other side of the world! Happy Birthday to the 2 of you (for as a mother I always feel like my daughters birthdays are sort of mine too)

krista said...

i am convinced that thirteen is the reward for surviving twelve. because twelve is nonsense.
happy happy brithday to miss lillie. 13 is perfect.

melissa loves said...

Oh god....I so know what you mean hun. Taking my littlest to her first day of kindergarten today and watching my 10 year old scamper off without us....broke my everlovin heart. To bits. But, I was brave. ( and no one could tell I was crying cause it was raining) whew. Happy birthday to your darlin.