01 September 2011

just a story...

i'm going to cry, i already miss our summer so much. it was our best yet, without being much of anything at all. which is pretty remarkable if you think about it.

but it's also one september, which means the beginning of our girlies' birthday month. and fall is coming, which means i can guarantee there will be a jug of cider in my fridge by next week. and i'm not cold anymore. even when i am.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again...i'm very much looking forward to forward.

did i tell you about esmé's first day of school? no kiss. no hug. no goodbye. she raced right in and threw her arms around her teachers. one of them pronounced her name like ez-mee, and i saw mémé wave her hand and say "it's fine. you can just call me ess-may. it's fine."

she's been saying that a lot lately, especially after she does something horrible to someone or something. "it's fine."

it seriously works. you should try it.

this morning, she told me she wanted to hit pause on school for the day. too much learning and not enough play, apparently. she saw me hesitate just before i answered "we can't do that, babe." and jumped right in with a wave of her hand and an extra vehement "it's fine." just in case.

it would be, i bet. the thought of that little thing growing up guts me to no end.

the other night, she asked why we don't live with grammy. i explained that, when i married her dad, we bought a home together.

"but don't you miss her?" she asked. "how do you fall asleep without her?"

i thought about it for a second or two, and probably should've thought about it a little longer, but i told her that there comes a moment in every girl's life when she decides she wants to fall asleep with someone else.

and then she turned over and fell asleep. but not until after she wailed for about five minutes and reprimanded me for telling the worst. stories. ever. invented.

i'm telling you. i'm so much better on paper.

i joined gimme bar. i love gimme bar. i don't know how in the world you'd follow me or whatever, but my collections are under mackinink. if that helps.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

first, esme is supreme in every way. as are your words.

second, this image. OMG! my sean is going to go nuts too. he is a butt guy ya know.

Fern and Feather said...

good story. I needed a break from newborndum and you did it. Thanks.

Amy@OldSweetSong said...

"there comes a moment in every girl's life when she decides she wants to fall asleep with someone else."

I love that. I wish I could meet esme. I have a feeling she is one of the coolest people on the planet.

Richie Designs said...

super sweet. all of it

joyful.mara said...

Great story. She sound's like a sweetie and a joyful handful all at the same time.

Katie said...

I think I love every story you tell involving Esmé. Part of that is how adorable she is in every one and the other part is the way you tell it.

melissa loves said...

oh that little thing....she is a wonder and I hear her loud and clear because Chooch says something very similar and cries at the thought of having her own family some day & not living with me and daddy and her sis. I guess it must sound very, very strange and scary to their ears....it does to mine too. I don't want them to ever go. ever.