12 September 2011


my mom always tsks me and tells me i am a surface-cleaner. that is a step up from what i've long believed myself to be. which is a non-cleaner.

those of you who've read me for even one second know of my love for full-time housemaids; they make cleaning super fun and almost bearable. and ever since we've moved back to the states, friends and lovely strangers alike have encouraged me to enlist the services of a weekly or a monthly maid service.

but that is not what i need. i need a daily maid service. which is apparently quite the expense here in virginia. is it like that where you live, as well?

to me, the greatest luxury is coming home at any minute of any day to a home that smells like home. and, to me, home smells like clorox bleach.

sure, we've had our moments. clorox bleach does not like to be friends with other cleaners. why should she be? she is more than enough on her own. this was a difficult lesson to learn, but at least my home smelled like home when i regained consciousness. forgiven.

as long as i can remember, from young to now, clorox has been my choice. i trust it. it was my mom's choice, my mother-in-law's choice, and the choice of every clean person i've met in between.

it is now my middle girlie's choice, too. because when i opened my gift from the clorox company yesterday, grae-rose squealed. and that is the last i saw of my gift from the clorox company.

"mom! pack my lunch in one of these tomorrow!" she opened up the wipes, smelled them like she was in heaven - and, in fact, exclaimed "heaven!" - then promptly packed them in the side pocket of her backpack. the brita bottle earned a sing-song "brita!" as she danced to the faucet to fill it. and then packed that away, as well.

"who sent those to you?" she asked later.

"the clorox company," i answered.

"mmm. i like their stuff. it all smells like grammy's house."

told you.

you should see the salads i sent with lillie and grae today. also, to grae's sixth grade classmates, you're welcome for sending my girl to school armed with wipes that kill cold and flu viruses. my apologies, though, for how many times grae is going to clean you and your stuff. also, many thanks to dailybuzz moms tastemaker program for connecting me to clorox. i chose the pics for this post - all found here - because they all read clean to me. but why picasso? i don't know, exactly, but i love him and i bet he loved clorox, too.


Richie Designs said...

might I tell you that my housekeeper who comes every two weeks [it's all he'll let me have] has hurt her back and I have not seen her for now 4 weeks. I want to cry everytime I walk into my house and see the constant "pigpen" cloud that I can't keep at bay.

I've said it again. I would give up food for that woman. She makes my house perfect every time.

Richie Designs said...

I might say also...I attempt to clean [I'm not lazy] but it's never HER clean which is so much better

Sherry said...

I feel the same way about Pine-sol! It just smells like clean to me. I've had a cleaning lady for 14 years and then last year I got this crazy thought that maybe, just maybe, I could do it myself now that the kids are all in school. Phooey!...I lasted not very long at all. It's really hard to clean house. Secretly though, sometimes I'd just squirt some Pine-Sol in random spots around the kitchen so the house would at least smell clean and then I'd go out and get a pedicure instead.

Beth Janairo said...

May I introduce you to my true love, Jonathan Richman, in case you do not know him?

"He was only 5'3" but girls could not resist his stare; Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole. Not in New York..."

Here is a homemade video glorifying his song with the Modern Lovers:


Let me know if you want more... He sends me over the moon...

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

We are separated twins and you are the funny one. "they make cleaning super fun" I mean really. Slayed.

I too had a real-life clorox gone too far episode. We thought I was going into anaphylactic shock. My face looked like the Mask (Eric Stoltz, not Jim Carrey) and I had hives all over. I think I like the smell so much I didn't notice my hands were still saturated whilst eating dinner. Finger lickin good uh oh.