19 August 2011

send me...

esmé overheard me saying something about being unplugged, and gasped.

but how will you turn back on? she asked worriedly.

simple. i waved her worry away. inspiration never fails.

so...do you have any?

i've missed every post that would definitely make me drool. every sentence that would make me wish i'd written it. some wristful of lovelies i'll surely covet. something that's changed you. anything that's made you.

i'd love it all.

send 'em if you've got 'em, yes? either in the comments so we can all read what you're loving, or just shoot me a mail. you're so much less censored when you mail me, did you know this? it's quite cool. i'm a big fan of a less censored you.

let's all have a weekend just like that, shall we? i'm in. see you next week, you little sweethearts.

this is a start.


Lea said...

Love that picture and I always enjoy reading your blog!


Sherry said...

I got nuttin'. What little creativity and inspiring wisdom I do have,has been sucked away by homework, PTO meetings, meet the teacher nights, and my blaring alarm clock. Hope you enjoyed being unplugged. I'd have a helluva time doing it.

Relyn said...

pinterest, pinterest, pinterest

But you know that already.