22 August 2011

i like...

i asked grae what she does when she has writer's block. that cute thing had no idea writer's block even existed.

after i explained the condition brilliantly, she dead-faced me and recapped. so. writers sometimes lose their words? and find themselves...unable to...write?

well. when you put it like that.

does this ever happen to surgeons?

i could see her crossing off writer on her list of possible career paths. it does sound kind of lame.

lillie came to my rescue, because that is what she does.

i just write what makes me happy.

so while grae dead-faces us both, i guess i'll start there.

things that make me happy. by karey m.

these shoes.

i usually distrust this contrived pose and all her siblings, from the super-model can't-be-bothered-to-smile-no-matter-how-happy-i-am pout to the oh! am i taking my own picture again? head tilt, but i feel that these feet have...soul. forgiven.

i like rewriting something important for uncle sugar, and then having him shake his head and tell me kar...you should be doing this for people. i remind him that i am doing this for people. that, in fact, he is a people. but still, he shakes his head and tells me no. bigger than this.

i like it when there's mad faith in a room, don't you?

i like finding a beautiful drawing of a moon by my lillie kate. with you hung this in her awful handwriting.

i like how this picture makes me catch my breath.

do you ever wish you created something-anything that made someone else somewhere in the world gasp? i do, too. every day.

i like it that esmé wants to name her someday daughter canary. i like how she feels sorry for my mom that she doesn't have my dad anymore. i like how she tells pat he's her favorite and then winks at me. {remember this? her winks still crack me up.}

i like when one of my three favorite faraway sisters gets outstanding news about her oldest babe after a supremely frightening moment. i like it that her guardian angel was taking care of her. and his namesake.

i like beginning a monday with like. this was a good idea for me.

i am a big fan of like, you know. i've always believed liking someone is far more important than loving them. because love is once and forever, in my mind. once you've fallen deeply, it's pretty impossible to climb back out.

like, though, is a minute-to-minute act. i think it's much harder.

i was telling one of my faves the other day that marriage boils down to this: waking up every day and liking the person next to you. and then spending the rest of the day showing it.

off to do just that.

happy monday, you little sweethearts. all from here.


the lil bee said...

I live for you.

And here's why...

This morning I clicked through one of my own LinkWithin widgets. Do you ever do that? Well, something made me. I just like to see what I was up to sometimes a couple of years ago.

And the post I clicked on was one about the eve of my birthday. And you said that the eve of my birthday was the eve of your sister's birthday, too.

And now you go and say all of this.

I like to think that you write for me. Please tell Pat I said so.

Also, I have an answer to your question, "do you ever wish you created something-anything that made someone else somewhere in the world gasp?"

My answer is, yes, I did. My two girls. They make us all gasp daily. So, no matter what, I know I've done at least that right:)

xoxo, my writer friend.

karey m. said...

i'm with you, bee.

also. my sister in chicago just said last week that she likes you so much. i like that she thinks that, too.

Emily said...

I like this post. And I like your *meaning of marriage*. It's spot on and often forgotten. Off to remember it more...

Anonymous said...

I like you. and your marriage def is spot on and perfection. so good.

karey m. said...

emily and kelly. YOU'RE NICE TO ME! thanks for that.

and how funny would it have been if i was like "marriage boils down to this: don't cheat on your husband."

aren't you so glad i'm back writing?! ugh.

happy anniversary emily!

and ohmygosh, kelly. KINDERGARTEN?!?! DID YOU CRY?!?

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

i really like what you said about liking and loving. i think it's true. no, i know. and i think you need to dream big. your words are gifts and you need to share them. they have power to them, like a magic wand. or like a kiss heals a wound.

karey m. said...

brandi! i've missed you! off to read your words. it's been too long. although i've loved being unplugged, i did miss. xoxo.

Relyn said...

This is why I like you. Exactly why.

so genki said...

i gasp every time i read your words!

About A Girl said...
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About A Girl said...
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About A Girl said...
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About A Girl said...

The one comment I meant to leave duplicated itself. So then I go to delete the duplicates and they're all deleted! Ugh. Computers! What I was going to say in my million deleted comments is: I think you're wonderful, I adore your stories, I love hearing about your girlies. Please keep writing you're truly inspiring.

peege said...

I like how you know about his guardian angel, and I loved how hearing your voicemail made me cry xxx

melissa loves said...

I adore you. I know, I know....I say that every time but, I truly do. You light up the page & I have a feeling you light up every room you enter. Esme seems so much like you to me....what do you think? And those shoes? I love those & can see you in them...easily. I am with you on the "can't be bothered to smile" and "oh, am I taking my own pic again?" thing....ugh. The moon pic from lillie kate is perfection and yes, I wish I made something/anything that made someone gasp. Though I am with lil bee....my girls make me gasp every day. I feel honored to be their mom. Ok.... all done.

erica lorraine scheidt said...

i would never have writer's block if i had those shoes.

Geisslein said...

These shoes are soooo great! love them. Have a happy weekend. sunny greetings from germany, geisslein