23 August 2011


esmé: i don't want to grow up.

me: oh, no! why not?! growing up is the most fantastic thing ever!

esmé: because i don't know what i want to be.

me: oh, that. over-rated. what you're going to be matters so much less than who you're going to be. and, man, mémé...you're already one of the most wonderful little whos i've ever met.

esmé: ok, then. i'll grow up for you. but i still don't know what i want to be.

me: just promise me two things, mé. be happy. and do something that'll save the world.

long pause, during which i'm certain her heart and soul are overflowing with that mother-of-the-year advice. i mean, if this was a movie about esmé saving the world, this...this...would be the opening scene, yes?

esmé: what whale?


me: world.

esmé: you want me to save world the whale?

this conversation makes much more sense if you read it out loud and pronounce world and whale so similarly that you can't tell the difference between them.

if it helps, they both sound like whirl.

images found here and here.


raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious} said...

THIS makes me incredibly happy. last night i had ethiopian food with brandi and i was saying about how i've gotten myself in a pickle in my program because i sort of (entirely) disagree with my esteemed (stick you-know-where) dean and mayhaps was honest in the 'what do you want to be' when i answered 'mother' and i was told i don't deserve my place in my program (even though i'm first) and blah blah blah. and i said well, you know, your generation fought and made sacrifices so my generation could choose, and what i choose is, to me, the most obvious thing ever: i know i am not capable of saving the world, solving world hunger, coming up with an actually-implementable peace plan for the middle east. but i know i sure as hell could raise the people who could. and i have that responsibility too, don't i? anyway. i love this. i started there and i'll end there too. love, love, love this. i am still kind of mad you didn't bother to move to new york so i could be your steady babysitter.

Caroline said...

that esme. all possible bets are on her saving the world! xo

supreme courtney said...

Oh, I think she's working it smarter not harder. It would be LOADS easier to save one whale named world than the actually world.

But I bet she's up for the challenge!

Love it.

la la Lovely said...

I def think this is mother of the year advice. And maybe dont let her watch whale wars now. wink wink. BIG XO.

Anonymous said...

saddest me...my comment from last night about adoring "you" for "i like" post..did not "stick".
a whole lotta showering of love for baby's named "canary" and clandestine winks to mama karey.
hmph. this one will have to do...
now i have a whole new set of happy: world and whales...and of course i read it aloud. how else do you think we read these lovelies?

Richie Designs said...

I think she'll save a ton of whirls possibly with a little twirl as well.

melissa loves said...

gah....I adore that kid. I do....she and Chooch are two peas in a pod, I swear. I love your advice, I do. And I am with Caroline, all possible bets on her saving the world. word.

kate said...

ha! brilliant.

Heather Innusa said...

Ok! That made me laugh. I love reading your blog. It puts a smile in my heart.

I love those kidlet conversations make you close your eyes and re-open them to make sure it's real. That they are THAT cool. And then you say - yea, I made that ;).