10 August 2011

peeking in...

i've been spending some time with real paper and sharp pencils. my least favorite word in the world is scratch - why do bakers use such a rashy term to describe their cake and cookie recipes? baffling to me. every time. - but it's the only one that perfectly describes the sounds that real, old-school, down and dirty writing and reading make.

we're enjoying face-to-face conversations and long runs on the trails and playing cards the girlies three and i must manually shuffle, vegas-ish-style, and a whole lot of unplugging. i am digging the unplugging. you must try it.

but i am missing you.

if you're interested in a little light nonsense reading, i wrote some words for amy right here. i hope you enjoy them.

i met amy at alt design summit. i know i've told you this a million and a half times, but alt is genius and good for your soul. there's something about hanging with your peers, hearing their voices, sharing ideas and inspiration...or, heck...just a glass of wine in the lobby of the grand america.

so, amy. i met her in the first five of alt. she has the most direct gaze i've seen. if you're talking, her eyes are on you. if she's talking, yours should be on her. i liked her within the first five of alt.

do you know my favorite thing about her? she lives in new york. and i asked her all about it. my questions usually sound like "how much does it cost to live..." and then the endings of my questions usually sound like a city or a neighborhood. you know me. i like moving. new york will always be on my list.

to me, there are two types of people in the world: those who will answer money questions and those who will not. she answered. i like that about her tremendously. i think it's important to share as much information as you've got.

and when i sent her my million-word answers to her questions, she did not reply with "awesome! thanks!" and then hit publish. she. commented. on. every. single. one. of. my. words. like, lovingly. like, we're in this whole blogging thing together.

which we are, in my mind. but it's awfully nice to meet someone else who holds that true, too.

if you don't know amy, your head will be much better with her ideas and thoughts in it. promise.

between me and you, i was so tempted to answer her first question with the brilliance below...

did i ever tell you i have a saucy mouth? i do, i do...much to my dismay.

kidding. there's no dismay.

brill found here. and there's way more. go. if you'd like to visit my words on old sweet song, they're right here.


Carla said...

So I went read your lovely interview this morning and it made my day. Your way with words is like fairy dusting - mesmerizing, haunting, inspiring, magical. <3 you! ps. the quote on this here post is magnificent.

Sarah Reaves said...

I love reading your posts! Why do so many people dodge money questions, wish we would all just spit it out.

melissa loves said...

ok, from one saucy mouth to another....I love that fuckin quote! :) and I loved your piece at Amy's. Love knowing more about your effervescent & gorgeous self.

Estelle said...

Off to check out Amy and your post now. And also hoping to sip wine and exchange foul language with you at Alt.

Jake said...

Sing it loud, sister. That is *exactly* what I needed to read this morning.

Anonymous said...

Life has been so busy, i know you know how cuh-razy 21 month old girl-life can be. Point being, I haven't been here in ages and I've missed YOU! This post was the perfect thing to read first off.

Amy@OldSweetSong said...

I'm hugging my monitor because I cannot hug you. Thank you for these kind words and for sharing some of your beautiful writing over at my baby blog.

You are one of the lovely ones, my dear.