05 July 2011

on friendship...

if you could pick anyone to be your friend - anyone in the world, that is - i'd highly suggest that you do not pick me.

in all honesty, i'm a fairly stellar friend in my head and heart. there've been times i've woken up in the middle of the night worrying about one of my closest and even some of you that i've never even met before. it's true: tell me your story and i'm all yours.

if it's words you need? i've collected some of the best. and i always share.

but i think i stink at grand gestures. mainly, gifts.

it's not the generosity part of it. not at all. it's the finding the perfect thing for the perfect you. it's the wait. no. that wasn't the perfect thing for the perfect you. this is. no. that is. no. this would be better. wait. let me think on this for a day. and then the day turns to week turns to month turns to never.

when i lived by my friends and family, i gifted the heck out of them. for no reason at all, most times. because you know me: i don't like a birthday telling me when to buy you something. i'd much rather listen to a thursday instead.

i'm not sure when i started stinking at gifting. it may have been when the post office became involved in the process. or it may have been my issue with remembering dates. it may have been my indecision about which lovely to buy for a lovely. it may have been the confusion-confectioner that is etsy. i'm not sure at all.

i do know it's never had anything to do with love.

but then my birthday rolls around, and the wishes and kindnesses some of you showered on me show me i'm flat-out wrong. from chirps on twitter to a chubby inbox to kickass treats from mel and richie...it must be about love. because it's all i feel.

and i need to stop stinking at it.

are you a good gifter? from now on, i'm going to be. i'm going to get a special calendar and start a gift closet {which i used to have! what happened?!}...what else do i need? tell me your tricks to being good gifters, will you? i need them. xoxo. tomorrow, i'll tell you what uncle sugar and the girlies three gave me, ok? ok. until then. pics from here and here.


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

um, happy frigging birthday!. Sooooo, I was going to write this cliched (is that a word? i'm sure you have noticed by now i love words, just not good at them myself!), sugary sweet comment like 'but you are a good gifter- your sensational, make me smile, cry and feel good to be alive posts are the greatest gifts' but then..... THEN I see the words 'good aussies' in the left hand bar of your bog.... and think 'i have that on 2011 saying on my blog, cool - i wonder who this is' and I click on it.... and its me!!! Love you lots miss karey. Did you know i'm going to be an expat in three weeks? hopefully as cool as you guys were. Only for four months though.... new adventures here I come xxx

beth said...

i am a good gifter. i really am.
and i love to give. so i have a gift drawer and buy goodies all the time and fill that sucker up, so when the timing is right, sometimes even wrong, i give a gift that is wrapped perfectly....
but the receiver always knows that wrapping up my heart is impossible, but that i'm also giving that to them, too :)

Ana Degenaar said...

Happy birthday my dear!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am a bad gifter I always give gifts late. I suck.

Heather said...

One again, so resonant for me. Today is my eldest daughter's 5th and golden birthday and I came up with a great gift, only there is no way I can have it ready to give to her tonight. And she is 5. She doesn't have patience or understand waiting. (I am, at least, almost finished with her annual birthday letter!) thought you might like this post about being thoughtful. It's long, but you might like it.

Also, happy birthday!

Bekah said...

as a fellow early july birthday-er (i'm on the first) as well as a fellow bad gift giver, i feel ready to chalk it up to our star-sign, or summer-brain. honestly, its not for lack of love - i love deeply and with abandon, its just lack of, well, well-timed inspiration? i'm not sure.

anyway, what i am here to say (poorly and without a gift) is this: thank you. i discovered your blog about a week ago, and it has touched my heart. your words are, as you hear from many, simply and heartbreakingly beautiful. i love that funny thing about the internet, that little old me, here in far away germany, can be deeply blessed by little old you, in far away usa. i am speechless.

Bekah said...
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Richie Designs said...

believe it or not I use to be a better gifter...now I get out of it by making everyone stationery.

someday people will get sick of it - until then paper love all around!!

happy birthday!

CMN said...

Hmmm... here's my best tip for being a good gifter: There's no such thing as early or late. There's just "Surprise! I thought of you!" And who doesn't love a good surprise the week (or month) after their Birthday (or major holiday)? Well, if there are peeps like that, you didn't want them for a friend anyway. That's my tip #2. Just decided. LOL.

- C

Heather Innusa said...

Yes, Happy Birthday! So, I dont really have tips, besides the ones you mentioned (gift closet & rockin calender) but this: "i don't like a birthday telling me when to buy you something. i'd much rather listen to a thursday instead." is the best thing I read today!!!! See, I can relate to that. You made me smile. Happy Happy Birthday!

Lukas Kugler said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGER ; )) Regarding gift giving, I proceed as following... "know the person" the gift is intended for... Sounds silly, but true!! I never offer clothing or perfumes, way too personal... I rather go for "unique" items that I find in "brocantes" flea markets, etc.. I search year around and even hold on to future gifts until the appropriate time.. I really enjoy seeing peoples reactions when they open a present from me!! Makes it worth all the time invested : )) enjoy your day, bisous from Nid de Rêves

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

before I read every one of your 'soak'um up with a biscuit' perfect words, I scrolled down to see if those rings had a link. I was hoping no brcause I wanted them to be all yours...the ideal birthday gift for karey!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Well, happy birthday! I'd like to think of myself as a good gifter because I grew up getting gifts that I hated & vowed to do/be better. So I try to be thoughtful/creative/homemade when possible.

melissa loves said...

Oh no, oh no...I missed your birthday?! Happy Birthday you gorgeous effervescent darling! I hope you had a beautiful one! I TRY to be a good gift giver but, I don't really know if I am....I don't have a gift closet but, I love trying to pick out the exact right thing for those I love. I am SO happy you were born darling gal AND I Love your new link titles on the left....I am so honored to be there & under "good hearts" at that....that choked me up. You are the best. seriously.

Jill said...

I am the sappiest gal ... who oddly enough can not stand any holiday or special day that is defined by a Hallmark card.

Surprises are always the best. And I pride myself in being a very thoughtful gift giver. I make mental notes of what people say they like ... I bookmark websites. I write down notes.

And honestly? I MUCH prefer to give than to receive ... it's so much more fun that way. Knowing someone appreciated your trinket is the best feeling in the world.

Happy birthday friend!