08 July 2011

my weekly wrist...

i have so much to tell you, but my girlies three and the sunshine are calling me away from this little rectangle.

that's not really true. the sunshine is simply shining and my girlies three are actually throwing fits. and the only call i've gotten today thus far is from uncle sugar. who is still talking about his birthday present to me.

did i tell you? it was a new york surprise. two nights and lots of bright lights, genius sights, killer food, and lots of hobos. esmé is a little obsessed with hobos. as if you didn't know this.

oh, heck. while i'm here, let me tell you my fave thing about new york: everything. we stayed right in times square because pat wanted the girlies to have that experience. that suck-the-air-right-out-of-you, blink-a-million-times-at-all-the-sights kind of an experience.

in two days and in no rush whatsoever, we saw a lot. central park, the statue of liberty, ellis island, the financial district, chinatown, and a killer birthday late lunch in little italy. we zoomed to the top of the empire state building where they sadly informed us that there was zero visibility.

they were ill-prepared for my girlies three screams. "WE GET TO EAT A CLOUD!" they gobbled up at least four.

on the way home, we stopped in hoboken to grab some pastries. the line was outrageous, but who cares? it was a moment. and it also gave esmé some spare time to write new lyrics for lady gaga's edge of glory.

"i'm on the bus...to jersey! and i'm hanging in hoboken with you. the bus the bus the bus the bus the bus the bus the bus! i'm on the bus...to jersey! and i'm hanging in hoboken with you."

try to get that one out of your head. i have.

pat keeps asking my favorite moment. i have to say, it was falling in love with america all over again. i mean, it honestly gutted me to see how many foreigners waited all day to see some of our most significant spots. the way they stopped to stare at the statue of liberty. ugh. makes me cry just thinking about it. and that movie you can see on ellis island? important. just important.

when you understand that people - pat's grandparents and mine, really - came here on a hope...

i can't imagine that bravery. to leave everything for maybe-something? i can't really put it into words how that changes me.

we've been on a lot of vacations. that's kind of an understatement, i guess. this one was different.

it's nice to return home from a holiday with more than a tan.

wrist styled and photographed by my grae-girl. she is a shimmer gypsy, that one. i told her that all my blondie hair sticking up on my wrist is not cute, but she informed me that blondie hair is always cute. i asked where she heard that, and she said "my mirror." oh! and see my friendship bracelet? it's from my hella cool friend. i like her so much.


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Big rings are my fave! Now I'm so wanting to go to NYC - I think I will enjoy that first experience with the kiddos more than going to Disney World.

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

i am so glad that you went to new york and made sure to go to CARLOS. izzy and her mom (they live in tribeca) take the ferry over every october to buy me a birthday cupcake!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE cake boss. also i love new york and i'm always glad that someone else does too. yay and happy belated birthday --- i'd have made you a birthday page had i been on top of things and not off getting a second degree sunburn in california. but, i feel like my adoration speaks for itself... so just imagine a very sparkly, very fab birthday page with cool font instead. because i totally would have made that for you if i weren't really bad at birthdays for more than one person (my brain can't hold present ideas for many more people than that at one time.) anyway. i digress. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

yesterday, one of our dearest friends became a us citizen. seeing the pride in his eyes and how he just stood a little taller after 'being accepted into the land of freedom' made me appreciate what we have here so much more. it's special, and as usual, seeing it through someone else's eyes makes it sparkle even more.

Kelly said...

ellis island is my favorite touristy thing in NYC. i visited the first time with my mom while i was in college, she had her grandparents' arrival manifestos printed out. was amazing.

Katie said...

My family came on a hope, too--my great-grandparents to Canada, my grandparents to the US after that.

Important. Yes.

Happy belated birthday!

becca b said...

Love today's wrist.

Michelle Brunner said...

Love your fun rings and great nail polish! Glad your birthday was super wonderful and lovely:)

Aunt LoLo said...

Always love your wrists, and so glad you and your crew had a great time in NYC! I miss living near(ish) to the Big City...but I only ever went for Chinatown, so...whatevs. Seattle is a close second, since EVERYONE here is Asian.

And, yes, blondie hairs are always cute. Especially when compared to brunettes. *sigh*

Estelle said...

Hobo is one of my all time favorite words. Is that bad? Probably, but I can't say it or think it without laughing like a child. And I just learned that my Emerson and I will be following her dad to NYC for two weeks in the fall. He has to work and we have to play. I can't stop thinking about all the adventure that awaits. Your trip sounds fantastic.

Richie Designs said...

My Mirror - is brilliant love that one