12 July 2011

pretend it's monday...

i am so naughty this morning. do not encourage this, please. here. let me be positive.

our weekend was so jam-packed with activities that we played hooky yesterday. hit a few museums, a free tibet festival, and noshed at a very inspiring kiwi cafe and art gallery. man, i've got to start being creative again. i really do.

also, buddhism? don't you love that religion? in all honesty, i had the easiest time explaining it to esmé. prayer wheels are my favorite; just the thought of spinning it and sending prayers out into the world around you? brilliant. oh! and blank prayer flags! the possibilities are endless, yes?

{if you'd like to order your own, these look like the ones we bought.}

i'm trying desperately not to follow that paragraph with one about my latest theory, written in my naughty head during swim meets. tentatively titled non-athletic parents are the most competitive. i just deleted my sub-theory. it was not kind. to skeeves.

but, honestly! don't parents ruin it for you sometimes? {if you were my friend, you'd stop me right here.} i was talking to a really smart, together woman last week who asked me if i found the parent sitch different here than the other places we've lived. i answered a resounding yes.

her theory is that there are a lot of high-powered women here who've taken a hiatus from their careers to focus on their other work products. otherwise known as their babes. and that everyone involved would probably be better off if they got back to work. pronto.

and don't get me started on skeevy dads! crap. i can't tell you that story. but it involves a skirt i can't wear anymore.


anyway. this is why - as much as i love that darn religion and way of life - i will never be a buddhist. the end. {because weren't you supposed to stop me from my naughtiness by now before i got myself into trouble? i thought so.}

tell me you have weirdo parents around you, too! and i know, i know...i should focus on all the cool ones. i shall do that tomorrow! see? see how positive i can be? you don't, do you. i thought not. xoxo. and an entire tumblr devoted to prayer flags? i'm in.


Barchbo said...

You mean how one of the reasons I work is so I don't have to make "mom friends"? :)

I would expand on your theory about "chubby moms" to include those who feel inadequate in some way (any way) and seek to compensate for that through their children. It's why I refused to be the cheerleading or drill team sponsor (if your girls are interested in those, brace yourself for the moms.)

karey m. said...

betsy! you would be a breath of fresh air in the mom-friend community. you would. and luckily, lill and grae are too thug-lite to be on any girlie-centered team!

how's the little man? xoxo

Ana Degenaar said...

Brazilian moms in the area where I live usually have a very archaic thought of carrying 10 maids with their children and never crawling down or touching their own kids at the playground and there comes this DIY mom who has a helper ONCE a week only to come CLEAN never carries maids and usually is the one to find the first bug at the playground and give it to Emma to play with.

Kate said...

I coach a swim team, and let me tell you, the weirdo parents are everywhere. You are not alone. I love you swim team stories because I can totallyyy relate.

Sherry said...

parents who don't do sleepovers so their kids can rest up for the game that is at 2pm the next day, high-powered moms who micro-manage every PTO committee, very wealthy women who can't take compromise when we are planning an event together....uh, yes, i know a few...and they aren't usually invited to my parties.

the prayer flags are awesome..we have a few at our house. next week i'm taking my youngest and her friends to the lake for their first girl's weekend. we are making one big prayer flag and then cutting it into strips and making friendship bracelets out of it. i'll take some pics so you can see.

don't know if the weirdo moms would think it's as cool as i do...but, then again, that's why i didn't invite them :)

Kerry said...

My one-year-old was making some little wavy-movement thing with one of his hands, and an uber-mom at the playground leaned in and explained to me, "Um, honey, he's signing for milk. Your baby is thirsty."

And I said, "Well that's weird, since he DOESN'T KNOW SIGN LANGUAGE! BECAUSE I WORK ALL DAY AND DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO TEACH HIM!" [emphasis mine]

karey m. said...

ana. i want to be one of those horrible brazilian mommies you've just described. sob.

kate! it's insane, right? and it's the guy with the GIANT BABY BELLY who's yelling at his kid the hardest! dude. a few laps would do you some good. lay off your kid.

sherry...you make me look forward to the next few years. you really do. send pics! i always need inspiration for these g3.

kerry...just died laughing. it would've also been good to end with a "AND P.S.! I'M NOT DEAF!" or something equally offensive and shocking. is it just me? am i the only one freaked out by babies who use sign language? it's probably just me.

Ana Degenaar said...

To be very honest sometimes I also want to be like them, particularly like this one mommy who wears turbans and Louboutins to the playground and has a pretty killer attitude but that thing of no-touching is freaky. I just don't get it. The other day I was reading this Japanese mag and this lady sent her maid to ask where I got it from and so I said to the maid where from and the maid mentioned I was not from here and THEN they looked interested. I haven't been to the playground in 2 weeks so I'll see them on Friday. I am worried I might be the weirdo parent in this equation... or maybe so they think haha!

melissa loves said...

Oh lord.....aren't the weirdo parents EVERYWHERE?! Don't even get me started but...well....let's just say that it is the ones who don't ever discipline their kids cause they don't want to deal with the fit. Or the one's that don't let their kids watch tv, EVER. Or...shall I go on? ick. I will NEVER stop you from your naughtiness, NEVER! muwahhahahah! :) I love it. And I totally get buddhism too but, would never insult buddhists by saying I am one. :) Prayer flags = awesome, prayer flags into friendship bracelets? extra awesome. :)
ps you MUST tell us about the skirt story, YOU brought it up! :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

buddhism never ceases to inspire me. daily. often, i wish i didn't have to talk to one person {especially those at the playground or any other event which involves other parents}.

don't even get me started about those others...i believe what i detest the most is how they always talk badly about their husbands and are ALWAYS complaining about anything and everything. perhaps the reason their husbands are never home is because the husbands know they can NEVER satisfy their wives. i would also stay the hell away, and i do. i'll keep my head in the clouds thank you very much.

and to end on a happier note, besides my pet name of crumb for Gaia Miette, we also call her buddha.