29 June 2011

not a good...

ohmygosh. so first thing this morning, i started writing and immediately deleted a sentence that read something along the lines of "do you even know what i super hate?" that would not have been a wonderful wednesday greeting, i didn't think.

so i wanted to wait until after the girlies' swim team practice to write to you. at which time i would be in a mucho better frame of mind.


near the end of practice, all of the parents who stay with their babes while they swim were asked to set up for the meet tonight. so there we all were, moving chaises and other heavy objects. all except one...lovely little lady. who couldn't be bothered to look up from her book, much less be bothered to participate.

her two loungers were the last two left to move. so i asked if i could steal away the one with her kids' bags and towels on it. no stress. she was reading a romance novel, after all. i hate to interrupt mindless.

she huffed. puffed. and then said...in a lovely little lady voice..."fine. i guess i'll just pack up."

"ok, cool." i chirped brightly. i like ignoring passive-aggro lovely little ladies.

when i returned to pick up her chairs, i heard her griping to a few other moms. about moi! how i was making her get up and move! oh, dear. "no no no!" i interrupted. "i just wanted to move your extra chair!"


and this is where i knew i couldn't come home and write a sweet post. not today. because this was un-right. this was un-cool. this was un-kind. this was...stupid.

which is what i said. in the form of "stupid." topped with a petite "this is really small."

i'm a little shocked by my behavior. i mean, i'm very good at censoring myself. very. good. i ignore lovely little lady comments on a daily basis. seriously, i do.

ooh. i just re-read this and now i feel guilty. super guilty. for the rest of the day, i'm going to find my patience again. promise. but do i have to apologize to this lovely little lady? say no. because i do not think she'll accept my apology.

i could be wrong, but people who don't get up to help when everyone else has gotten up to help strike me as the same sort of people who don't accept apologies. like, the same sort of people who don't leave tips because they don't believe in them. and those who don't pick up their dog muss when no one's around.

ohmygosh! back to mad! i've got to end this, so the end. i am in rare form today and i am sorry.

just not that sorry.

p.s. remember the good old days? like, yesterday? when i asked what made you happy? do me a favor and tell me what you super hate, will you? i shouldn't be miserably faux-guilty but more mad alone, you know...kidding.

images from here and here. xoxo.


Kelly said...

today i super hate that i keep getting new tasks and responsibilities at work added on and am never compensated with a raise. SUPER HATE.

Betsy said...

Ditto with Kelly!

Continuing on: how unhappy that little lady must be. All. The. Time. So unhappy. Isn't that punishment enough for the poor thing.

Tip from the teenager files: if someone is unpleasant to you, laugh whenever they speak to you. It's disarming and it makes them crazy. Seriously. TRY IT! Plus, you'll be laughing and isn't that enough to cheer anyone?

karey m. said...

kelly...someday you're going to be working in new york at, like, etsy or dwell or somewhere kickass like that and you won't even remember this week, much less this job. that's what i hope!

and betsy. you crack me up. YOU'RE SO RIGHT! and it's what i usually do, but i am disappointed that i couldn't find that today. still, you're funny.

xoxo, you two.

Kate said...

I super hate it when people say "I don't know where you find the time to...." because the implication is that I don't clean my house or play with my kids. That there must be some neglect there somewhere in order to achieve anything out of the ordinary. Maybe I just ignore my tiredness at the end of the day and get off my arse to get a little something extra done that's important to me!

Rachel said...

I came in to find my boss had marked up a brief I worked on for days, removing the extra space between sentences after EACH AND EVERY SENTENCE in the four page brief. He also included other changes, so I had to go line by line by line by line accepting his deletion of the space. Hello - it's grammatically correct both ways, boss. But thanks for hurting my eyes and annoying my brain at 8:00 in the morning.

I did email to tell him that it was unnecessary, to which he replied, "sorry - it drives me nuts."

that makes two of us, boss.

Sherry said...

I hate when people start their sentence.."don't tell anyone, BUT..". And then I find out that they said those same words to 5 other people. I hate when people constantly complain about how busy they are. Aren't we ALL busy? I hate when people assume things and then spread those assuming rumors. I hate that I can no longer eat 3 cupcakes, drink a lot of wine and tequila, and go bra-less without being the topic of a rumor.

Btw, I am a super-big tipper (mostly because it's easier to do the math with bigger tips), but I don't always pick up my tootsie-roll sized dog muss....that's why I walk my dog at midnight a lot :)

erica lorraine scheidt said...

i sorta super hate that i have to think, oh, that person must be so unhappy to be such a bitch. cause honestly i super hate that a neighbor came over and yelled at me because i parked in front of her house when there was a spot open in front of mine? really? how unhappy must you be to yell at me over that?

ps, this post? hilarious.

Heather said...

today I super hate the guy who took up both lanes of the on ramp to the really busy highway I had to take to get my girls to school. He did it on purpose, and when I gestured "what's up" with my hands, he moved further over to completely block me moving around him into a completely legitimate second lane. I super hate this partly because I am not above similar car behavior.

Also. This is another post where I see me somewhere else in the world, and even if it's not the best behavior, I like knowing it's not just me.

So thanks.

karey m. said...

SO with you kate! that is NOT a compliment! never is.

rachel. i have to tell you i'm a huge one-space after full-stops kind of a girl. SORRY! but four pages of that change? dude. let it go.

sherry! you CAN eat 3 cupcakes, drink a lot of wine and tequila, and go bra-less! i give you permission!

erica. i love your blog. you already know this. but people who gripe about parking spaces are usually chubbalicious on top of being sad-sacks. it's a fact, i think.

heather...i'm so glad i've helped you see that there are other jerks in the world! ha! that guy and those like him kill me. mister? your genius move just guaranteed that you'll get there three seconds before i do! well played, weirdo.

you guys are making me feel better. and not ONE of you has suggested i apologize. I LOVE MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS! xoxo.

DDay said...

Don't apologize, as it would almost excuse her nauseating behavior. I absolutely hate peeps that seek affirmation for their lack of manners when they involve innocent bystanders.
What a nutter.

Heather Innusa said...

I dono, I'm with you. That was way rude & inconsiderate. You weren't rude so she should've kept her comments to herself instead of being a HATER & gossiping & spreading haterness around. Rude. I say act normal next time you see her like nothing happened. Hopefully it'll just be squashed & she got over it. Moved on. maybe next week, she'll try to talk smack to you about someone else... seems like the type. hmph.

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

i just think that's lousy. but you know, maybe her husband got in a fight with her or maybe her babies aren't as fabulous as yours and one was catty to her today or maybe she simply has no life and reads your blawg and is jealous we all love you.
or maybe she's just a bitch.

BUT! i super hate the marine corps. i don't get to say that much, but honestly, i super, super, super do.

Ana Degenaar said...

No apology necessary. A woman and a chair, that's all.

erica lorraine scheidt said...

oh! totally. she chubbarific.

amy said...

Frankly, I think you behaved in a most restrained manner. I super hate it when one person in a group behaves as though he or she is somehow too exceptional to do any work of that the "rules" don't apply to them.

Sadly, were I there, I would likely have confronted little miss lovely and demanded that she move her own darn chairs. And, I might even have been extremely passive-aggressive in my attempts to get her to move her patootie.

However, I would refrain from cursing because I super hate it when adults curse in front of children and I would feel guilty about some of my behavior because I super hate passive-aggression.

I think you behaved stunningly, all things considered.

Kris said...

wonder if you hit her with some water she'd melt????

Aunt LoLo said...

You know what i super hate? Newspaper opinion pieces that make me wonder if my church is going to be pillaged and plundered. Little boys that smack unsuspecting mommies upside the head with toy trucks. And messes that do not clean themselves up.

It's just one of those days, isn't it? Oh well - at least I got to read mackin ink. You have such a lovely way with words, even if you are skeeved.

Aunt LoLo said...
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Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, and muckity schmuckity higher-ups that tell my husband to "f- off" when he asks a question during a meeting.

Lovely little people, eh?

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

i super hate when people say "i don't mean to be a bitch, but....", well, actually honey if you have to SAY those words, you kind of do mean to be a bitch. a big one. GIANT in fact.
i super hate when people tell me not to swear. just makes me want to swear more; even if i wasn't planning on it in the first place.
see, like now? had no plans to curse, but now it's all i can do not yelp the almighty f-bomb.
how much do you want to bet, that lil' lady wasn't reading "the happiness project"? {insert snarky snort}.

c.bean said...

apologize to that numbag? maybe if she apologizes for her indecent behavior to begin with... and you know she won't. but really... you're response seems justified to me.

do you know what I really dislike lately... when I'm completing some sort of transaction and I say "thanks" to the other person/server/whomever and they then reply "no problem". well, when might it be a problem? is there a problem? what's wrong with a simple "you're welcome"?

Richie Designs said...

don't feel bad. women like that get a big butt don't cha know? it's true I swear - it's like Pinocchio but for mean ladies.

plus? they trip over their monster sized high heeled flip flops, the ones with rhinestones attached at the most opportune moment for nice ladies to get a good chuckle from it. It's called the Richie Law have you heard of it? true again swear!

I sooooper hate when nasty people rain on my good day. Like the blonde woman in the giant range rover today on PCH who honked at someone because they weren't going fast enough for her {it was right in my ear next to her} took all that sunshine in Laguna and just flushed it down the toilet in a second flat.


Jen said...

A rule was implementened in our home very eary on that we are not to say that we HATE anything. I am not at all saying that feelings in my home are squelched- just that the main man put the kibosh on the H word, explaining that it only made you feel worse about yourself. But, for the sake of your post, I will indulge! I hate rude and inconsiderate people! I have run into many as I work at my kid's school. They are the ones that don't participate in anything but complain about everything! As your previous peeps pointed out - RUDE PEOPLE SUCK - I would love that bumber sticker- but my kids would only say the S word more! How did you come up up with "Uncle Sugar"? You are so fun to read!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

yeah, no, you were 100% right. and i know what right is, because my job is to the superintendent projects (where people think they're right all the time)...((and they're not))...and i have to look these big guys in the eye and say "you're wrong" and turn around, walk away and expect to fix a couple of mill's stuff up....just saying, i know right when i see it.

and treasure, you were so right.

(((and she knows it. the belly aching was to placate herself for being a dick - if she was honest with herself about it)))

big love X

karey m. said...

{jen...he signed all his shiniest gifts to me one christmas "love, uncle sugar." if you knew him, it would seem like the MOST appropriate name for him.}

Heather said...

i think you showed RESTRAINT!!

leigh said...

I wouldn't have dealt with it as well as you did, so you should be praised!

What I super hate is when you are walking on the sidewalk or in a mall or something and the people in front of you just stop suddenly and make no attempt to leave an opening for you to pass on through... it irks me to no end!

Kerry said...

That made me mad just reading it. But I do like that she was reading a romance in public. It shows she has no shame. Which I can appreciate.

Here's my recent hate-when-that-happens -- I am with my kid and baby at the grocery store, the place is packed, the kids are getting nutty, our cart is stocked full. They opened up the express 5-items-only and the checkout girl waved me over. SHE WAVED ME OVER.

But when I got in line, an older woman behind me said, all fake-laughing, "Well, excuse me, but it looks to me like you've got more than 5 items! So I'll just go ahead, OK?"

I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Fine, ma'am, you just go on right ahead, your time is obviously more important than mine, so please, by all means, YOU GO AHEAD. As long as YOU'RE happy, then the world is a good place."

I immediately got all sweaty and embarrassed and we left the store. No groceries.

Jac's Mum said...

I'm with Betsy on this - do the laugh, it wins every time. Because as the saying goes, you can't shame a fool... but you can make it obvious you think they're ridiculous, which she was in that moment.

But it is small potatoes, which of course, is what you're annoyed with yourself over. My pet peeve is people who consistently act in ways that make other people feel bad - you know, the ones that are quick with a put-down, or to speak ill of someone. Habit, insecurity and unhappiness maybe feed it, but it feels mean and nasty to be in their presence.

And Rachel, I ALWAYS double-space after a period. Period.

melissa loves said...

Oh. my. god. First of all...don't you DREAM of apologizing darling! I am SO glad you said something to her cause here is something I SUPER hate: folks like that "lovely little lady", who don't get up to help & then get all put out about being asked to help a tiny bit. SHEESH! seriously? I wanna drop them down in some war torn country and see if that helps their perspective any...fuck. ( that f bomb was for Katie :) I also SUPER hate folks who are too cool for school and can't find it in their terrified hearts to extend some kindness or smiles to others. ( oh, and people who wear sunglasses indoors....at NIGHT) Unless you have an eye illness take those bad boys OFF. You know what I'm Saying?! Ok, done with my rant. Feel better? :) I adore you and I wish I had been there to have your back. I would of, you know?

Daydreamer said...

oh, i'm glad i landed here; referred by Live and Enliven! please don't apologize. don't defer to someone who doesn't have enough respect for herself or her fellow parents (and her poor kid!)to be a normal participant in life. what I super hate is arrogance; unkindness; poor customer service; people who just don't give a shit; parents who don't teach their kids manners and compassion; when lazy people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot; mediocre food; bad wine pours (c'mon...i'm NEVER coming back here if you're effing cheap with your wine pours!). and i love that you gave us a chance to use the word Hate.

krista said...

i can't stand passive aggressive people. i turn all snarky (which is a word i can't stand so i despise the person who makes me embody it) and i apparently (having been told on many an occasion) i have a "tone" that comes out in my voice when dealing with such people. after working in customer service of some form or another most of life, you would think me immune. but, no. the tone usually involves a chuckle of sorts so i'm also laughing at them. probably not the most mature response. but i just can't help it. i do so think we would be friends.