14 June 2011

championchip cookies...

i miss you. real life is getting in between us.

and by real life, i mean lacrosse championships. which lillie writes as championchips. as in WE WON THE CHAMPIONCHIPS! undefeated season for those little thugs.

one of their coaches called them the hanson brothers. ask your boys if they've ever seen that movie. the description makes me giggle.

also doctor's appointments. a billion of them. and begging a certain little esmé to get in the car. every single time we have to get in the car. "let's just walk," she suggests, trying not to lose it. and when i tell her it would take us three days to get the the grocery with her walking two steps and then begging me to carry her, she smiles brightly and tries not to lose it and assures me "you can do it."

i would. for her, i would.

can i vent for a second? i hate doctor's appointments. {i just deleted a few vehement sentences. trust me. it's best for the both of us.} also, i use the term fat bastard at least once an hour. {i just deleted the term uncle sugar uses when he talks about the other driver. trust me. it's best for the both of us.}

ohmygosh. this post is so frown-inducing! let me think of something else to tell you. ummm. pat and i stole away to nordstrom last night to pick up grae's new shoes. while we were waiting, we danced to a killers' song playing throughout the store, we texted super-smiley pictures of ourselves to the girlies, and i watched him chat sweetly with the manager of the shoe section.

don't you love watching someone you like a lot interact well with other people? i do, too.

while we were there, i saw a guy in a poorly-fitted suit with his unsmiling family bust in front of a korean family trying to ask about a pair of shoes. "get me these in a two and a two and a half. red. thanks." loud and without waiting for an answer. not even treating the sales guy like a person.

i wanted to tell him tom's wouldn't like his behavior. i also may have thought he was precisely the term uncle sugar uses when he talks about the other driver. trust me. it's best for him.

i promise i will get it together and be charming tomorrow. if not tomorrow, someday. ok? thank you. i like friends who don't hold you to too high standards. xoxo. all pics from the always gentleman.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

karey, you're charming everyday. your story of the guy in nordstroms reminds me of something i witnessed on saturday night at a restaurant. a couple sitting nearby was extremely rude to this really sweet waitress. i don't understand people sometimes.

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

Sometimes, when I think I have nothing to write about, I think 'What would Karey share?' Or, sometimes, when I'm in a moment (or a whole day of them) I think, 'Be present like Karey. There's a story here.' You just seem to absorb life and spin it into the best tales. :)

Jamie said...

you and pat dancing to a killers song in nordstroms...YES! i'd say that was a perfect night. xoxo

Heather said...

i love, love, love whatever you have the time to share :-)

Richie Designs said...

I think you're allowed to be a little crabby!

Ana Degenaar said...

Karey, You are the best.

I feel you pain. My Emma and I spent the whole Sunday at the hospital 7 damn hours of wasting time, 2 unnecessary drips, 6 unnecessary attempts to get the needle in her vein and the final diagnose: A virus.

I then took her to a private clinic. 2 hours more wasted and she had: An infection that could have been deadly - $400 in a day.

In a nutshell, I freaking hate hospitals!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

my friend, you know the feelings I have for hospitals and doctors, so I'm cringing for you and every appt. you endure.
Just thinking of it makes me ill.

At least you have uncle sugar as a dance partner and championchip cutie-pies x3.

MAURICE and KING said...

Fabulous blog! Great to find you ;)

Alix h. said...

Treat yourself to a whiskey.

Kristin said...

going to the doctor is such a bummer. and so sorry you're having a hard time getting little esme in the car. yuck. i wish there was some good advice i could give to help!

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