09 June 2011

my weekly wrist...

i've finally given uncle sugar back his watch, but i stole his wedding band. i just feel like wearing it for a minute. i'm sure he doesn't mind...we never really wear those things, anyway.

do you? do they matter a lot a lot a lot to you?

i've known women who measure their love by the ones they've been gifted, i've known men who measure their wasta by the ones they've given, and i've known people who still do really crappy things when they're married and wearing those rings. they just take them off and put them in their pockets while they're being naughty.

i've never really thought it was about the ring. at all.

after lillie and grae-rose came to stay, pat bought me one of those tiffany charm bracelets and had their names engraved on one side, his on the other. i stopped wearing it as soon as esmé arrived. just tossed it in a drawer and forgot about it.

she found it again a few months ago. i saw her keep turning it over and turning it over. surely there must be another side on this thing with MY NAME ON IT, she seemed to be thinking. with her little doll-face all scrunched up. it felt like i had cheated on her. isn't that strange?

anyway. i had these charms made over five and a half years ago. don't even remember the artist, but i do remember she had never done shapes other than circles. i said something like, "but they're not all circles." because not everyone is, you know. so she tried something new just for me. don't you love it when people try something new just for you? me, too.

i've been wearing my babies all week. i hear them clink around and i smile, and it seems to take some of the panic away. jellybeans are having a similar effect.

one of my sweet readers knows how uncle sugar feels about rolexes, and introduced me to mayors' selection of pre-owned rolexes. whoa. we knew a guy in jordan who wore this one, and i never could focus when he'd talk with his hands and it would fly around in the air. crow. i think it would be perfect for pat.


Kristin said...

it's just beautiful. I love it. I never had a charm bracelet before. Kinda makes me want one...

Mallory O'Neal said...

I'm not married yet, but I love wearing my engagement ring because it makes me feel close to him when he's not around. Almost like a secret between us that I wear on my finger? It kills him when I rush out the door without it from time to time. He's excited about getting his band too. He made a decision in high school to "save" his finger for his future wife, so he's never worn a ring before. I'll be giving him his first one :)

Ana Degenaar said...

I love it. I don't really care for wedding bands, I never did. I rarely ever wore mine and now I don't even miss it. HAHA

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I've worn a charm bracelet for 12 years; filled with little memories. I love my clink too! I especially love that I kind of sound like my beagle, who jingle-jangles because of his tags. :)

As for my wedding rings, I'm one of those never take them off people. My diamond is pretty small (though we went with Tiffany's), but I love the idea that they represent who we were (and all the life that we will live) when we made our commitment to each other.

And I want to be buried in them. Though my husband says that will be a problem because he plans on giving them to his next wife. ;)

Caroline said...

oh i'm glad to see the weekly wrist back up here. it makes me feel like everything is fine and normal. weird, right?

that leaves me to my main reason for commenting: i'm glad y'all are on the mend and maybe what esmé needs is more reminders of the 'normal' time. i love nothing more than story telling, which just so happens to be your art. so maybe extra stories for miss esmé this week? i think that'll put her at ease.

Erin O. said...

The "add to cart" on that rolex site made me laugh. Oh, yeah...let me just paypal that $25K right up.

beth said...

i rarely wear my beautiful diamond and my hubby never takes his wedding band off....hmmmmm.

love love love your wrist this week....and the story behind it.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

we barely tell each other things on these little boxes anymore- we don't have to...I know. BUT MOFO I love this series. I have been forgetting to tell you. I know you knew. Butstill.... xxoxo

Callie Grayson said...

love your new bracelet!
I will have to check out that rolex site. I have my grandmothers... it has a small round face and pretty band. I have never seen one like it any where, but I do love it so because it reminds me of her.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

there is definitely a sense of stability without a ring attached...at least that's how we feel. seriously, so many we know just take off and pocket it. sad.

it's all about the heart. actions speak louder than a diamond is what i say.

and yes, always best to think outside of the circles.


Relyn said...

Yikes! The computer ate my last comment. So... no, I don't think the ring matters much at all. I almost never wear my engagement ring and actually asked Jeffrey just to skip the wedding band. I'm not wearing it today. In fact, I haven't worn it in at least a week. I change my rings to match my mood and clothes; it has nothing to do with keeping my vows. I am kinda glad, though, that Jeffrey always wears his.

Richie Designs said...

I woke up this morning thinking about what you said about your rings....

"i've known women who measure their love by the ones they've been gifted, i've known men who measure their wasta by the ones they've given, and i've known people who still do really crappy things when they're married and wearing those rings. they just take them off and put them in their pockets while they're being naughty."

such good words.
such good thoughts.
I adore you and your wisdom!

supreme court said...

I love your blog. I read it out loud to my unamused roommate. He also loves it. But doesn't necessarily love me reading it to him!


the lil bee said...

I have been thinking lately that I want to get the girls charm bracelets for their third or fourth birthdays...once they're old enough not to eat 'em and all;)

I haven't worn my engagement ring in years because it started getting tight when I was pregnant, and I've been pregnant for, like, 80 years now. But I do love that I have an engagement ring and two (yep, two) wedding rings to pass on. The deal was I'd get two diamond bands in exchange for buying Paulie a nice watch. He doesn't realize I would've bought him the watch anyway:-)

BTW how's your nose?

becca b said...

I got charms with my family members' names on them from here http://www.etsy.com/shop/undeadmushroom12 and love that they're made out of fork tines and that each one's different. We're having a baby next month so I just ordered one to add to my necklace. I think they're sweet.

CMN said...

Dear K,
I know it's shallow of me to say it, but the Weekly Wrist photos have just got to stop. Now you've got me doing it!! Well, not taking the photo actually, but putting on loads of sparkly and admiring...? Oh, yeah, I'm so there. Today I stopped to pick up lunch before heading back to the office for a droll afternoon. Thought to myself "Look - Ann Taylor! I need new pants for this next business trip on Friday, I'll just drop in..." 30 minutes later, I walked out with pants, a new linen jacket, a few pretty baubles, and one gorgeous sparkly thing around my wrist. I tried it on and that was it - it was a keeper. "Just ring it up and cut off the tag, please, dear -- I'm not taking it off."


Really, we've got to stop. I'm sure my budget can't take the addition of fabu new sparklies and there's no Uncle Sugar for me to steal, um, I mean, borrow, from. Unless you want to set up a loaner plan?

Sparkly days to you and yours,
- Christine

Bridget Rossi said...

Cool bracelet, huh! Where did you get those? I would want to have one, and put the name of my hubby and my kids there. :]

Aunt LoLo said...

Love the bracelet!!

Lo Gung used to forget his wedding band ALL the time - he'd take it off when he moisturized, and just never put it back on. I threw a snit (because I think he's GORGEOUS, and he works in an office full of women and I'm a jealous lady) and he hasn't forgotten it in ages.

I take mine off nearly every day...while doing dough-y things. Since i stay home, and keep company with loaves of bread and my twin sister, it doesn't seem too bad. *grin*

beehive art said...

i love your special charms and if the artists name should ever pop up.. i would love to know.