21 June 2011

i almost forgot...

actually, i totally forgot. i'm on holiday this week, and my goodbye...catch you later, little you completely escaped me.

uncle sugar nearly died under a triple wave this afternoon. one of them dropped him to the bottom of the sea on his poor head, and he is now woozy and concussed. luckily, esmé befriended the children of a pediatrician and an internist on the beach, and they've assured me he will live. unless he does not.

he said he had one of those moments where his arms wouldn't work and everything went dead silent and still. grae asked if he saw a white light at the end of a tunnel, and he made a sickish face and said uhhh. not exactly.

i think he's going to be on good behavior from now on. as are we all. man, june has beaten us up, yes? i'm kind of looking forward to july, but don't tell her, ok? i don't want to draw unnecessary attention to us like we've done in june. ok, then. catch you later, little you. sand found here.


megan said...

if you're where i think you are, then you are enjoying ridiculous heat and bathwater-like gulf waters--but hopefully you're also having a completely glorious time at, ahem, one of the best beaches in the world.

Ana Degenaar said...

I missed you terribly! I am so glad you are back and safe. Poor uncle sugar

melissa loves said...

Ack. Good lord! June has been abusing you! I am SO glad he is going to be ok and hope the rest of your vacation is peaceful and lovely. You deserve it after all of this rigamarole. I won't tell July but, will secretly say a prayer that it is stellar, ok?

Richie Designs said...

you've got the 3 out of the way....uncle sugar, you and esme so I think July is going to be clear and injury free!


susan said so said...

Good grief, I HATE when that happens - I've been having a few rough months myself, and now I'm hoping the tide is turning. Yours, too.