13 May 2011


i have so much to tell you and nothing at all. which may be why i'm scowling right now. either that, or it's because it's 2.40 in the afternoon and i've not had any coffee yet.

i went to the doctor today for a check-up and i wanted my blood pressure to be king, so i passed on the espressos. it worked. ninety-five over seventy. {is it weird that my original sentence was ninety-five over seventy! what now?! i think it might be weird.}

so many silly forms, yes? they started making me a teensy bit angry the third time i was asked to promise to pay my bill. which may be why, when i reached the box where you're asked how many people in your family had, like, cancer...i checked not applicable.

that was bad. but it's not like it could get worse...

until the doctor asked me again about all that cancer business. i took a deep, adult breath, and decided it was not the right time to tell her that my maternal grandmother, father, and oldest sister had all had cancer.

until they died.

of cancer.

I KNOW! i don't know what i was thinking. i kind of feel bad about it. but also? i kind of feel like i just rewrote my life. and a story without anyone i love dying of cancer is a fine one to read every once in a while. even if it is fiction.

uncle sugar called me a brat. i probably am. but...i'm a brat with a blood pressure of ninety-five over seventy! what now?!

dear blogger. you may delete this post anytime you'd like. no one will mind one bit. promise. xoxo and have a sweetheart weekend, you little sweethearts. photos that make absolutely no sense in relation to this post found here from this tumblr. which make perfect sense.


Shannon said...

Wow! Great blood pressure brat:)

the lil bee said...

You're not a brat at all. I love that you rewrote history.

karey m. said...

shannon...you just made me snort.

bee bee bee, how i adore thee!


Richie Designs said...

I'm a fan of the rewrite myself especially in this instance.