11 May 2011

my weekly wrist...

one of my favorite questions ever in the history of questions is is it real?

because then i know you're kind of a jerk.

kidding. {not really.}

my standard answer is can you see it? then it's real.

do you have a more grown up answer than that? share, please...

uncle sugar loves real. when he gave me my first fancy watch, i burst into tears. i think i didn't want to be that girl in a fancy watch. and it wasn't until i insured it and the guy from usaa told me how his father had given him a fancy watch that his father had given to him...that i understood the meaning behind it.

i'd say anytime someone's scheduling you into their forever happily ever after...well...it's pretty wonderful, if you think about it.

and before you even ask. the bracelets? i think one might be real, but i can't be sure. pat won't tell me anymore lest i start crying again. the rings? umm. can you see them?

{i was going to add comma jerk, but i can't even joke about that with you! you're my sweethearts, through and through. you just are. going to play fancy lady with esmé now. have a sweetheart wednesday, you. xoxo.}


mary said...

Your nails are painted?! xoxo

P.S. This feature is awesome. :)

karey m. said...

i KNOW! so so so not me. but those gel manis make me look civilized!

who'd have thought?!


Caroline said...

loving that the weekly wrist is in rotation... and on a wednesday, when i typically need a little push to make it over the week hump!

only you could make the weekly wrist about more than the jewels though - like you said 'real' doesn't matter as much as significance... i have a friendship bracelet that's worth more to me than that sapphire they dropped in titanic. that was a dumb move though, just for the record. and on the topic of nail polish, may i suggest sally hansen's glitter nail polish strips? perfect for playing fancy lady! xo!

karey m. said...

caroline...grae uses those! she LOVES them! they're supposed to last ten days, but i don't think they do.

someone asked her if they were deborah lippman! no...a little less than that $30 bottle!

and i love friendship bracelets, too. more than rolexes and breitlings, for sure. don't tell uncle sugar!

Shannon said...

Nope. That answer rocks. I have a few "reals" in my box o goods, but I lose so much of the "funs" that I stick to what makes me smile, and when I'm asked the question, I usually just puff out my chest a bit (because no doubt those are real) and roll my eyes.

Ana Degenaar said...

I love all that shiny stuff but your nails look really gorg. I love a good manicure. I actually need one.

Asher Seveland said...

i love this post! i have a few "really real" things and its uncomfortable when somebody says anything about it. once i was told "oh, i assumed it was fake." (then why did she ask?!?!) please keep the wristy posts going! i may have to look into those gel manis.
also, is it weird that you showed up in one of my dreams the other night? i think it just shows how much i enjoy your writing. :) so, now you know: you have a wonderfully decorated wrist and a random woman in austin dreaming about you.

melissa loves said...

i love you, i love you, i love you...there I said it! And now, that I see your f*cking fantastic wrist/ring combo?! I love you EVEN MORE! Can't wait til the day we meet & laugh our butts off. :) xoxo
( I couldn't QUITE bring myself to swear like the sailor I am on your dainty blog. snort. And as to your response " is it real?" that is ALSO f*ckin fantastic, who needs grown ups?!

Annie and Little Bits:) said...

Your jewelry is stunning--real or fake--but what I really want to know is what kind of hand cream do you use? Your hand looks young enough to be buying watches at Claire's.

I hate when people ask me if it's real....I always just give an exaggerated 'hell yes!' Then I give an exaggerated eye roll when they walk away :)

karey m. said...

shannon...my sister sent me a mail with the subject line OMG SHANNON LEFT THE FUNNIEST COMMENT!

ana...you're nice to me. i like that about you!

melis...my petite sailor. love love love. your husband is king.

and annie is my favorite name. it is. but your eyesight must be failing, sweets! i slap on eucerin three times daily just so i don't look AS old lady! it's not working...


Robin said...

This is such a fun feature. I can relate to your reaction when uncle sugar gave you your watch....I never pictured myself a diamonds girl, but then Brad proposed with an incredible (family heirloom- all the more special) emerald cut supergoregous ring and wow! it is amazing how easy it is to love the sparkle :)
If anyone ever dares to ask if it (or anything) is real – I may have to borrow your totally perfect answer!

Alix H said...

Seriously, why do some choose to stick to 8th grade, 'Where'dyougethat? " behavior?

CMN said...

Hmmm... you know what I always say to that dumbest-of-dumb questions? "Real? Yes, except for the imaginary ones."

the lil bee said...

Holy effin SHITE, Karey.

I'll take one of everything, please.

A Happy Meal of your Weekly Wrist.

Kimberlee said...

love you, the pic and your post. damn you are good at this xx