11 April 2011


we had such a kind little weekend. do you ever have that sort? they're gems, for sure.

i have so much i want to tell you lately, but most of that stuff includes uncle sugar's stuff and i'm pretty sure he'd be peeved if i shared it all with you. nothing personal. it's just that he doesn't know you like i know you. and he doesn't love you like i love you.

ehhh. what's your name again?


so at the risk of this becoming esmé ink...

in the mornings, i read the girlies the important headlines. aftershock in japan at the one month sad mark, that jackass Gbagbo was arrested, France's crap ban on Islamic veils took effect...and one little story about a will.

esmé: what's a will?

me: well. when someone dies, they leave a note and give away all the stuff they owned. like, when i die, i'll write a note that tells everyone i want to give my pink sweater to esmé, my brown sweater to lillie, and my yellow sweater to grae-rose.

esmé: i want the yellow sweater.

me: uhhh.

esmé: wait. you're joking me! you don't have yellow or brown or pink sweaters!

me: uhhh.

esmé: i'll take a black one. so will lillie and gracie.

i think this is the kind of day i'll be having. conversations that get the better of me and make me dizzy. this one was the first of four, so far. i'm forecasting more. have a sweetheart of a monday. you deserve it. whatever your name is. {kid!} xoxo. here and here and here.


Nicole LeLacheur said...

Love that quote. Thanks for sharing!

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

that little sing-song rhyme made me so happy. and when i read the headline re: headscarves i inserted a number of colorful terms into it, too. "crap" doesn't begin to start it. i know it sounds so fabulous to live in france for a year, like everyone's doing right now it always seems, but i can't imaging spending a year there. i'd get so frustrated with people. i'd be saying JUST BE NICE! all the time. CAN'T YOU BE NICE? BE NICE! anyway. you're nice. you're lovely. have a lovely day. : )

A-M said...

lovely, lovely quote :)...your girls... they make me smile.... and yes, I had to work hard to get 'nice' out of them too bunnyvictorious! A-M xx

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

i love that quote and i'm with raleigh -- it's loveliness increases because of the rhyme. i want more conversations like this in my mornings, but i'm not quite ready for three of my own yet. could i borrow yours?

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