13 April 2011


it was my sister's birthday a few days ago.

i definitely don't talk about her here as much as i wax on about lin, but she's been my favorite person in the world for as long as i can remember. i know you'll understand if i explain it like this...

i'm the esmé to her grae-rose. really.

we were talking a while back, and we're both so crap with the phone and mucho better with written love, but she said something that made my life.

we should talk more, she said. i'd be a happier person.

best compliment i've caught in ages. and...me, too.

hope you're well! i'm mad busy and even worse with schedules and plans and deadlines as i am with the phone. but i am very good at sending you written love, so here's some just for you: xoxo. also! this woman with very good blonde who colors her hair at home offered to show me how. should i?! because i want this blonde and this worries me to no end. tell me what to do...


raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

i am going to completely ignore the seriousness of this post besides telling i love you and instead pass on my 22 years of hair-dying knowledge (Being southern, my mother started having my highlights put in at the first sign of "dirty blonde" when i was 7). are you listening? this is a very important, hard and fast rule. NEVER GO BLONDE IN THE SUMMER. if you're going to do it, you need to do it now before the sun comes out. your colorist needs to learn how your natural hair holds the color and how the specific sun where you are affects that exact shade blonde or you end up some lemon-fried, popcorn white, greasy golden blonde failure.
seriously i know from experience.

that being said. if you WERE to go that blonde, i'd highly suggest you call jeremy at salon one eighty. best blondes i've ever had always come fro his hands. (plus he's fascinating.)


i'm not as sold on their cuttery, but what he can do with a color is simply a work of art.

Shannon said...

With my sisses, I talk to my oldest everyday, my younger, our love just hovers waiting until we find the words. I hope I make them a happier person, words really are the best gift, no?

@ raleigh-elizabeth, I just spit out my Fresca! i am not blonde and have never been, but this jeremy you speak of makes me think I need to be!

A. Houghton said...

I have thick, brown curly hair and all of the sudden I feel like blonde is even a possibility for me. Jeremy is about to become the new Jonathan Antin.
Nothing beats a sister, nothing.
people still drink Fresca?

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

i always wanted a sister. i got a brother instead. then over the weekend i had a freudian slip and called my roommate my sister. kinda feels like that.
as for blonde hair, i can only talk about maintaining red.