15 April 2011


i don't know what to tell you today. all i know is that i'd like to say hi to you.

hi. let me see what else...

i bought these this week because my kelly said they reminded her of me. i am a sucker for things that remind her of me.

i went on a field trip with esmé yesterday, and three different people i don't really know said she is my exact miniature version. i liked this compliment to my toes. she's so damn effusive and enthusiastic and sees others with such joy in her blues, and i'm so hoping those three people meant all that and not her unfortunate hairchop.

also, i am hoping they didn't see her lying brightly to the tour guide when he asked if she'd been there before or if she'd ever flown on the concord. yes to both, apparently. that girl gets around.

but this woman - another mother in the class with the all-time best china bob and teeny tiny bag holding probably only her phone, a credit card, and a red lipstick and of course you're from new york! - pulled me aside and told me i'd changed her way of thinking ever since a little birthday party a month or so earlier.

oh, crap. what did i say now? i wondered. and my heart started racing a little. you know how effusive and enthusiastic i can get!

she and i had been chatting about wanting to move. her back to new york and me...well...everywhere-but-here. and she was worried about taking her two babes back to a big city where everything would be smaller.

everything that doesn't matter would be smaller, i said. everything that matters would be giant.

and here's where i changed her little thought bubble, i guess. i told her life's too short to live somewhere that doesn't make you happy.

i think she's moving.

eep. i've never changed someone's thinking before. as a general rule, i think i should not attempt this ever again.

for the past few weeks, uncle sugar and i have been discussing our next move to somewhere-far-away. and it's the strangest thing...

now that a change is looming? i love where i am just fine.

don't get me wrong; i want to go as fast as i can. but staying isn't so bad, either.
i think i just needed a choice. does that make sense?

anyway. life is too short to live somewhere that doesn't make you happy. but maybe even if you're living somewhere that doesn't thrill you to your bones, it might be lovely to be a little more effusive and enthusiastic and look at it with such joy in your blues or browns or greens. that might very well work wonders.

have a sweetheart of a weekend. i may be lazier than usual with stories next week because the girlies three will be home with me and we have some grand adventures planned. xoxo and i'll see you when i see you. Pics from here, here, and here.


Kelly said...


Caroline said...

choice is the most fabulous luxury. have a grand weekend! xo, caroline

Barchbo said...

I breathe better with the freedom to choose. I think we all do!

I like to think of Esme as the Agyness Deyn of the playground set. Her hair is her trademark!

Sharon Johnson said...

I'm excited to get that choice in a year, and this leaves me wondering that when I do, if I'll just want to stay. I better enjoy it here while I can. Thank you for sharing!

Mallory said...

I love reading what you have to say.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

adventures with your three? hope you have fun away from the internet. as for being in places you love, i've always found that i can't love any place wildly unless i have people i love there. happy weekend, karey!

shannon said...

choices make our dreams become reality...have a fun break with the girlies.

melissa loves said...

Ah...I love it. Love that you changed someone's way of thinking about things & you are absolutely right. I am not at all surprised, I bet you influence people a lot more that you know. Effervescence has a way of doing that...I hope you have a glorious week off with the girlies 3, I will be doing the same but, with just my girlies 2. :)

Anonymous said...

you share such wise words. love it. enjoy spring break.

And Kathleen said...

Yes. The choice! I know EXACTLY what you mean.

karey m. said...

i like you all very very much. your comments all made me smile and sent me off on the weekend with a few extra heartbeats.


mary said...

I can relate to this post more than you know. xoxo

Jeanneoli said...

Everyone wants a choice but to learn to also find the lovely in where we are. Always love when I have a chance to pop in here.

Katie Bee said...

Well, it sounds a little scary to change how someone thinks, but I have to say, I'm happy about how this all has gotten me thinking. I'm counting down the days (twenty-nine) till I'm moving, but maybe this place hasn't been so bad. Hm.

la la Lovely said...

I'm def not thrilled to live where I do at the mo but it is what you make of it and so I'll try to look at it with that joy in the blues, browns and greens and keep a little plan for a far away someday place in my back pocket. Have fun with your girlies... I'm hoping for at least one adventure with mine this week, whatever it is that this full grown belly can take.

Jules said...

Mallory took the words right out of my mouth.

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