17 April 2011


my mom never emails. i bet she's never googled anything in her entire life.

this perplexes me to no end. i think of the whole world she's missing.

but then i get a little business envelope in the mail with her happy handwriting all over it. the same handwriting of my tooth fairy and my mrs. claus and my easter bunny's mom, who all wrote to me when i was her baby.

and it makes me misty. because even years and years later, i'm still her baby.

i wonder if my girlies three and i will email when we're all all-grown-up. i asked grae and esmé if we would, and they both looked equally perplexed and a wee bit annoyed with me.

why would we email? you're going to live in my guesthouse, grae answered, rolling her eyes as if i'd somehow forgotten these plans.

and me and you are living togethah forevah in gracie's guesthouse,
esmé added, rolling her eyes as if there was any other option for the rest of our lives.

i am a fan of brilliant plans. count me in.

{just before hitting publish, i asked lill where she was going to live when she grows up. she looked at me just like her sisters...except with a generous side of non-committal. "i'll probably move around a lot," she said. "see all the world i haven't yet." hmmm. see you in grae's guesthouse, lill.}


cateoh said...

Hmmm. Quite different to my daughter who once asked me how old she had to be before she could move out. But similar because she followed it with "do I have to move out, or can I just live with you forever?"

Mallory said...

Those are much sweeter responses than my ten-year-old self gave my mother. "I'll put you in a nursing home." Now my 24-year-old self knows I'd never do that. I think my ten-year-old self knew that too :)

Ivy said...

My daughter is 10, she said "only 8 more years mom"... until she leaves. sigh....
I'm prepared for her to come back and back and back again as she learns to live on her own.

I adore my mom's hand-writing. She {sadly so} is dying from cancer. I will miss her emails and comments on my blog and fb but mostly her handwriting. It feels like home.


Jill said...

I smiled ... loving all your girlies comments about the future ... and then teared up with Lill's response.

I only HOPE my girlies feel that same way. The wanderlust. The adventure. With a sprinkle of "home" mixed in.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i hope lill has some extra space in her roaming guesthouse...i want to visit often. :)

Ann said...

Oh our kids... they have a way of making us scared without them knowing it.

Your Mom is so sweet, I wish mine was still here, she loves putting notes on the ref for us kids when we were growing up ♥

Fern and Feather said...

I HEART YOU. too good. You know how when you tell someone a cute story of about your kids they say "Are you writing that down?"... you are so lucky you get to say YES!

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

I love the note from your mom.

Katie said...

I love Grae's plans to have a guesthouse!

melissa loves said...

aw...this breaks my heart, as most of your posts do ya know. I love that photo too...is that your mom's letter & is that your gumball machine filled with jellies? Cause THAT is brill, if you ask me. I adore you & your girlies 3 and as to your comment on ML this am, of COURSE we will meet. That is just a given....if no where else, than at alt next year! Alt or bust for me.....:)