25 April 2011


ohmygosh. esmé's best friend, tootie, moved away this morning.

which is fine, really. we've prepared her so well that she totally ignored tootie yesterday. in between telling her she hated her three times loudly and then kissing her so hard i thought poor tootie's cheeks would crack.

it was just like that walton's episode when erin found that orphaned baby deer and wanted to keep it, but then realized that wild animals are better off in their natural habitat. kind of like tootie's better off in kentucky.

that final scene was gut-wrenching to a farm girl like me.

so anyway. esmé thought she had one more day with her tootie. and as soon as she wakes up, i'm going to have to tell her she's gone.

i am uncharacteristically teary about this.

you know me! i love goodbyes. they mean i'm going somewhere. and lillie and grae are great with goodbyes; they've had a lot of practice with some very big forever ones. but
esmé? this is one of her firsts.

and, i mean, tootie was her first best. her first real best. she laughed at all of esmé's nonsense, ignored all of esmé's naughtiness, and never listened when esmé declared their friendship officially over at least once a day. plus, their names were utterly perfect together.

esmé and tootie. tootie and esmé.


i am uncharacteristically teary about this.

i think these are prints. i think these are brill.


Kristen said...

I never post, but love your blog every. single. day.
Why post today? Well....I, too, got teary. I think it is the whole "power of female friendships" thing and the "push and pull of female friendships" thing. And, well, you hit the nail on the head.

I was teary, too. And I don't even know y'all...so that just shows what your writing can do.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i'm horrible with goodbyes {and so is the crumb} ~

poor sweet esme. please give her all the marshmallows and sweet things she wants to ease her missing tootie heart.

Heather Peterson said...

My almost-5 year old is about to lose her third best in three years, and I am heartbroken for her.

Thanks for this post.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

you know what? i think we need more words like "aloha" in our language - words that are both a hello and a goodbye, just to remind us that comings are goings and goings are comings and life is wonderful. hope your little one gets through the day and learns to write letters to friends.

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons" said...

I recently shared my experience of reconnecting with my very first bestfriend. We've both been amazed by how powerful our connection still is as adults. I think maybe because the connection that children have with one another is so pure.

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

Oh my poor puffy-bottomed girl.

Loved seeing you!!

Richie Designs said...

{hugs} to all

Katie said...

Oh, dear, poor Esme!

I moved away to Kentucky myself (twice, actually, since we moved back to Milwaukee and then back to Louisville) as a little girl and oh, the tears just fell, from me and my best childhood friend. For awhile, I didn't see or hear from her, but now, fourteen years since we first moved, I hear from her via the internet regularly and see her occasionally. We're not close, but we still know what's going on in each other's lives--I hope Esme gets to enjoy that, too. It really is sweet to still hear from a friend who's known me since I was four.

Jill said...

It's NEVER goodbye ... but rather, "until we meet again".

Gets me through the toughest of times. xx