07 April 2011

it fixes everything...

esmé: what does k-o-k spell?

me: ummm. nothing, really.

esmé: well, it has to spell something...

me: not always.

esmé: well, what does it kind of spell?

me: {sigh.}

esmé: uh huh?

she has learned this trick from me. one of two i use when i want people to do what i want them to do.

the first is that i nod my head and smile brightly when i'm suggesting something questionable, and always end my request with yes? it's catchy. the second is interjecting uh huh? in a pleasant manner when someone's hesitating.

esmé: uh huh?

me: kok. it's pronounced kok. but that's not a word.

esmé: yes it is! dad uses that all the time! he loves it!

me: {blink. blink.}

esmé: he fixes stuff with it?

me: {blink. blink. blink.}

esmé: like the tiles in the bath?

oh! caulk! yes! we love caulk! caulk is awesome! genius! brilliant! honestly. whoever invented caulk deserves a kiss from me. right. now. unlike the individual who invented dick's sporting goods.

i swear, i've never been more ecstatic to see a contact adhesive in a conversation.

did you know i do at least one headstand every day? also, i like red tootsies that jump a lot. both compliments of my mary's pinterest.


beth said...

kids....babes....you just have to love what comes out of their mouths :)

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

I do the same smile and nod. Genius subliminal technique, yes?! [smile and nod] :)

la la Lovely said...

I love it I love it... this is just the laugh and light I needed to start a very busy and a slightly scary day!

Nicole LeLacheur said...

This put a smile on my face, thanks!

Kate said...

bahahaha love it! I can always count on you to make me laugh first thing in the morning.

Jamie said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Karey M. I'm dying! Seriously wrap that Esme up right now and fly her to California. I need to carry her in my back pocket. I love morning giggles. xo

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

you do you do? i do headstands too! i do them when i'm getting frustrated (sure beats throwing staplers at walls, which i also have been known to do) and it cures everything. the world looks so silly upside down.

Robin said...


anne said...

i think that that esme is a really good time.

also, i will be trying your head nodding, bright smiling. i need more tricks to coerce people to do iffy things.

xo, anne

Richie Designs said...

LOVE esme -

may I borrow her for a weekend? I promise to spoil her rotten with sugar and disneyland and then send her home.

I lie - I'd probably keep her ;)


Kristin said...

i LOVED that. thanks for sharing and making me laugh! xo, Kristin

Jeanneoli said...

Haha...you never cease to make me laugh out loud!!!

Rachel Swan said...

This morning I walked in on my 4 year old exclaiming, "WHO do you think you're doing, anywaaaay!?!" to her 2 year old baby brother who had threatened to knock over her lego tower.

I was tempted to correct her, but I'm still enjoying the shock + awe of that little jumbled-up gem. Can't wait until her dad comes home + she tries it out on him.

melissa loves said...

Ah ha ha ha ha....god love em. Their foibles are so awesome & I can totally relate to being SO happy to having a contact adhesive in the convo. ha ha hee hee... too, too funny.

Pour Porter said...

Hahhahaha! I remember being fascinated by the word as a kid too. Great story. :)

Lisa said...

Smiling & nodding in Lexington too!
Feel the same way about Dick's!
Had to share on fb at The Lisa Porter Collection. I have many moms who will enjoy your story!
Love your blog.