28 April 2011

what's it going to take?!

honest to britches, if it's the last thing i do, i'm going to make you understand how not nice i am! this may require testimonials from those who really know me.

just teasing. that could get ugly.

i love how hard-to-persuade you all are. if no one's told you how lovely you are yet today, allow me to be your first.

you. are. lovely.

that's all for today. i'm feeling stressy and think i need to step away from these writing assignments that are just blinking at me, all blank and uninspired. i never win staring contests, and i don't feel like today's the day my luck's going to change. off for a run and some sweat. catch you later. xoxo. sweet sentiment found here.


Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

i think bill probably felt this way about me yesterday. {he wouldn't have been wrong.}

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

karey, you'd have to be directly mean to me for me to think you weren't nice. and even then, i'd forgive you and know that's not usual karey and probably figure you were having a bad day. we all have our not nice moments. what counts is our hearts.

Beth Janairo said...

you are a lovely person. but i do remember a story about your teasing a certain fellow freshman girl in the sophomore math class who was looking into a compact mirror, separating her very mascara-ed eyelashes with a safety pin before class. . . it wasn't me, but i believe she has claimed at some point that perhaps that was a slightly mean thing to do.

and i think if you're looking for some hard evidence, if you can find someone who would admit that you made them cry...woudn't that prove you were mean?

not to imply that that ever happened of course...

Beth Janairo said...

by the way...being mean to boyfriends who happen to be jerks doesn't really count as being mean, in my opinion.


Beth Janairo said...

one last comment--- sorry for the barrage. but i laughed out loud thinking about our attempts to do the 'biggenuinesmile+eyeshatingwithalltheirmight' exercise. pricelessly mean. mmmmm.