29 April 2011


i adore games. just not the ones you have to either win or lose. those kinds make me panic.

but random? i'll play. because i do enjoy the jamie flannigan.

one. i always pretend i'm uncle sugar when i call about bank accounts, insurance policies, and other official documents if my name's not the primary one just so i don't have to answer a lot of security questions. i used to use a deep voice, but now i can't be bothered with even that. yesterday, i called one of our credit card companies to ask about a charge and she kept asking me questions about myself. "what's your name?" pat. "what's your full name?" patrick. "what's your middle name?" michael. long pause. "all right, MISSUS mackin. what's your question?" it's mister, mister. in other news, i like pretending to be pat. his life is way more exciting.

two. i have a nightmare every night about one or more of the girlies three. they mostly all involve large numbers of tigers or sharks, riptides, mean girls, or unfortunate accidents at school. like the time i laughed so hard in high school that i peeped my uniform skirt. no one noticed, but i panicked and told everyone about it.

three. if there's a secret in the room, i panic and tell it.

four. i sometimes at least three times a week walk into our bedroom at the end of one of those days that actually occur every day if i really kept track and sigh and ask uncle sugar whose idea was all this again?

five. all this was his idea. i should thank him more often.

play, why don't you? have a sweetheart of a weekend, why don't you? send me a present, why don't you? xoxo! oh! and jamie flannigan's pinterest is sick. you should go look here.


Anonymous said...

I love this.

I pretend to be my mister too. Only we have the same name so they usually believe me. Your story is way better.

Ana Degenaar said...

#3 made my laugh out loud. #2 happens to me every night, I panic and sabotage my sleep thinking of all the possibilities of something happening to my daughter.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

i've been working on my five. yours are all sorts of fantastic, but then you're all sorts of fantastic so what else should i expect? happy weekend, karey!

CMN said...

Send you a present? Why yes, what a lovely idea! There's nothing I like better than sending presents! Especially when I'm just back from a trip and discover I seriously purchased too much of, well, EVERYTHING. You don't by chance need a lovely silk coin purse from Thailand? Or several delicious candy bars from Canada? Or even a bag of exquisite chocolates from Milan? What's that you say? You DO????

Well, Karey-dear, if you sent me your address as proof that you'd be willing to take all these excess treasures off my hands, I'd be Ever so grateful. Truly!

- C.

And, P.S. That image of the baby turtles and sandy feet? Total keeper.

melissa loves said...

Here's my randoms:
1- If a guy has full lips and strong, smooth forearms ( tattoos included or not) I will probably find him sexy.
2- don't like when I see photo after photo of hipsters, models or whomever NOT smiling. Drives me nuts.
3- not afraid to touch worms, help out when your hamster has died or catch spiders and take them outside.
4- good in crisis so it seems
5- get car sick really easily
love & kisses
ps totally relate to #2, love that you pretend to be Your mister and...adore you.

Kristin said...

ha! panicked and told everyone. karey, you crack me up.