02 May 2011

don't be fooled...

this weekend was strange. i've no better word for it and i'm too blurry to search for one.

in a nutshell. lillie and grae were fab and fun. esmé was a beast.

she's sort of going through this strange stage where she gets so upset and cries like a banshee and doesn't even care who hears her. i mean, packed public places with other children who aren't wearing fancy dresses with stinking grey uggs. it looks like they've even brushed their hair, some of these little people. it's amazing. and they're quiet. weirder still, they're not punching anyone in frustration.

there. there's the key word. she is frustrated. i know this and she knows this and everyone knows this. it's just that i have to be at grae's school in about an hour and
esmé's coming with me because grae's insisting on it and we are all secretly a little scared.

yesterday, i missed the girlies' lacrosse game because
esmé had a wedgie. also, she used my scarf to wipe the mud from her stinking gray uggs. i would've been mad but the little thing tried to wash my scarf afterwards. so then i was just furious.

uncle sugar brought home three tiny bags of gummy worms for the girlies. i'm not good with math and neither is esmé, apparently, because she devoured them all herself.

also, she called pretty much everyone she saw a boob. and then spelled it. b-o-o-b. she was whispering, but still. it's not that hard to read her lips.

and then last night, she saw a commercial that really touched her. it was that collegeinyourpjs.com brilliance.

i'm going to college there! she declared.

you can't. i snapped. you don't wear pajamas.

there was one shining moment when another mom at another lacrosse game where
esmé was not bothered by anything wedgie gave her a blanket so she could make a tent. in the mud. the way she thanked this woman, you would have thought she'd just been given ten target gift cards. you could tell the woman was charmed by her effusiveness. i, however, was not.

she's not really that nice, i muttered.

but that monster of mine just grinned at me and i could see her mouthing those four fateful letters.


keep your fingers crossed that the little monkey doesn't tell grae's teacher that her sister thinks she's unorganized. sigh. photo of
esmé by amie adams.


Carla said...

Oh, we're deep in tantrumfrustratedville. It blows. I do lots of closing my eyes and breathing deep. Only now my girls do the same thing to me when I'm frustrating them which only works o frustrate me more. Right. Anywho. I'm addicted to Pinterest and everytime this lovely lady pins something, usually exotic and lush and out of this world, I think you'd like it. So check it - http://pinterest.com/leighm911/

Alix H. said...

Too close to home to comment...but then I wondered if she was missing her best friend. The one who moved.

Heather (love your space) said...

How old is she? This sounds so much like my almost 5 year old. Yesterday I told her we were going to play a game. I challenged her to NOT cry for one whole day. She lasted--I swear--35 seconds. And the whining. And the over-sensitivity. It makes me insane in the brain. Glad I'm not alone.

Caroline said...

esmé reminds me of tinkerbell in the best kind of way! xo, caroline

Richie Designs said...

seems she got your "nice" skills eh? {wink}

JAMIE said...

Send her to L.A. NOW!! I want to steal her, she is sooooo cute Karey. xo

Heather said...


karey m. said...

carla...now addicted to her pinterest! thank you!

alix...i've thought of that which is why i'm not seriously peeved. but man, she is naughty and LOUD.

heather...almost six. i kind of remember grae being like this, in which case it's the precursor to FAB. i feel you. hang in there.

caroline. you're always sweet and you ALWAYS say the right thing to make me stop stressing!

richie. touche, friend. touche.

jamie. done. ohmygosh do you even know how she'd ADORE you?! you two could be little hippies together! also, your story on friday? LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED. plus loved.

heather. your music on your site always gets me.

xoxo all!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

there is something in the air because my crumb is acting CRAZY. i'm talking head-spinning backwards crazy. perplexed, yet when these girls are as cute as esme and the crumb, who can really be angry, right?!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

maybe it's an end-of-school-year fever? esme is too cute, even in her devilish stage. finding that balance between being strict and giggling when no one is looking must be hard.

karey m. said...

mel. i FEEL you! i'm not angry, really. just frightened. xo

and brandi...i think i found that balance this weekend. only because i wasn't. exactly. giggling. aargh! come babysit and bake for me! xo

simplygrove said...

Oh man!! B O O B. Hahaha!! (I don't mean to laugh.) You are the best mom:):)

krista said...

it must be something about how some of the greatest individuals in the world are complete a$$holes for a portion of their youth. because mine? yes, she sure is sometimes.
(i also secretly love her for it. tell me you don't feel the same.)

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