09 February 2011

the running man...

so we hired this neighbor guy to work on some things around our house.

he's out of work and uncle sugar's heart breaks a little when that happens to a man, and so now we're getting all our electrical outlets spruced up.

anyway. he walked in yesterday, saw our kitchen, and told me it was hands down his dream room.

between me and you, i hate our kitchen. i mean, it's super pretty and sunshine-y and there's space for everyone to sit at the long island counter...wait. where was i? hating my kitchen? i think i just fell in love with it again.

it's like that sometimes, isn't it? someone gives you a real compliment from the heart and you find yours again.

last night, just past homework and just before showers and empty threats, we were all in that kitchen. i was telling pat that the neighbor guy had effused over it, and grae stopped what she was doing {pretending not to eavesdrop} and asked he loved our kitchen?

and i could see it happen all over again, through her eyes this time.

i could tell you about how i'm not a fan of the oven and microwave and cupboard space, but i won't. {you're thinking to yourself because you don't use any of that stuff anyway, karey! yes. you know me.} i'd rather tell you about the dance party we had last night in that kitchen.

to the romantic stylings of t-pain and three six mafia, the girlies two taught uncle sugar and esmé some of their hoochiest dance moves. that i taught them. the ones that are not allowed out of this house. and uncle sugar taught them some of his...uhhh...i don't really have a word for his moves.

but i bet if you saw them, you'd tell me they were hands down your favorites. and then i'd believe it, too.

it's like that sometimes, isn't it?

my apologies for the comment i left sweet eliza in yesterday's post. i was going to delete it after i had my espresso, but then i thought i would not. sometimes i am a crappy person who uses shite words. i just am. anyway. if i offended any friends i like and love, i'm supra sorry. xoxo. kitchen from here.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

ok, i am moving in. You don't scare me with your beautiful kitchen and your hoochie dance moves and our fun dance parties. You also don't scare me with your telling you know who were to stick it ( the nerve of some) or your shite words. Bring it! I adore you and there is NOTHING you can do about it! so there. :)

Emily said...

oooh...i'm not much of a commenter or comment reader, but would you think me a little drama-oriented that i went back to see the offending words of "sweet eliza?" no? good, thank you. that's the problem with blogs these days, all you sweet bloggers can be so cautiously politically correct. umm, a little bit of eff-off never hurt anyone and i appreciate that you were real. and kept it real, even after the caffeine. thanks for being you. and i'll die if you kill mackin ink, by the way

karey m. said...

melis, you're a little brawler! love that!

and emily. i've told EVERYONE a MILLION TIMES that i'm NOT SWEET AT ALL! ask my husband. and if i ever kill mackin ink {she's dying a slow death!} i'll send you emails every day so you don't miss it. also, i think i was being crappy again when i called eliza sweet. she may not be.


Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

Good for you Mrs. Karey M.! I am always amazed by the nerve of people; like leaving nasty remarks when you could have just left the site. I've had a few of my own. Really shakes you up, doesn't it?

Richie Designs said...

yah Eliza can go shite herself.

and then we'll all gang up and blog punch her. No one F*cks with my Karey!

karey m. said...

leslie and richie. let's start a gang. we can swear a lot and take pretty pictures and write mean notes on kickass letterpress.


krista said...

i could sure use a fresh pair of eyes looking at my life right now. funny how our own take the view for granted sometimes.

also, "blog punch" is my new favorite phrase. ever.

Mrs.French said...

i need someone to fall in love with my kitchen. ok, that is not at all what i should have taken from this eloquent post, but i so badly want to love my kitchen maybe a fresh compliment would help?! however, at this point i do believe your kitchen is my dream room...all the dancing paired with your words! perfection! wait a minute...a dance party may be the sprucing my kitchen needs! xo t

karey m. said...

krista and my mrs. new eyes, i can throw them to you. but three six mafia helps, too.

i miss you two, by the way. that is all. xoxo.

Carla said...

I la-la-la-love your response to sweet eliza! Makes me like you even more (sounds creepy-ish since I don't know you, just your blog, but really I like ya). ps. dance parties are the best, they make me wish we had some kind of surveillance cameras on ourselves so we could catch every one of them...well that or a reality tv show =)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i want legs that end above my stove.

kathleen said...

ok. i have to agree with krista. "blog punch" is in.

i had no idea sweet richie could be so...knuckled. (and i don't mean sweet in the "sweet eliza" sort of way.)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

i want to join the dance party too! i think sometimes we focus so much on interior design when it comes to our home we forget how lucky we are when a layout in a kitchen makes everything we want to do there possible. my nightmare kitchen? a tiny one others can't join me in. the perfect one? a kitchen i can have lots of good dinners and lots of laughter in. even if it's some awful shade of neon.

the lil bee said...

This is so true. Just when I think I'm officially over my house for not being finished or decorated the way I'd like it to be, someone tells me how cute it is and I remember to love it wholeheartedly.

Also, your girls like T-Pain? I can't even!!!

Heidi said...

the only re-model in your kitchen might be that you need a sparkly disco ball. Keep on keepin' on girl.

Jozette said...

i love that you DIDN'T delete your reply to that little nasty who thought her comment was called for. you've got some real lady-cahones. can i say that here?

anywho i heart you and your blog and would like to spend a morning with you in your kitchen whether it's before or after you've had your espresso. so there.