14 February 2011

i've got to...

remind me to tell you a story about this weekend. it's a good one.

for now, just a quick smooch in honor of the day. i'm celebrating with the girlies three, an uncle sugar, a new pair of ray bans because old-school makes me happy, and a little more tom ford so i smell like myself again.

for a while, i was smelling guilty. that is a very good smell, but i was not a fan of the name. sometimes i think the name has more to do with it than the actual aroma, don't you?

maybe that's why i love naming babies so much. and why i've never named one whoops-a-daisy or how-the-heck-did-this-happen.

pat made a brilliant pre-valentine's day meal for us last night. blood-red filets and angel-hair with mussels and a devil's food cake. there's a theme in there somewhere.

the house still smells like seared meat. do you know that smoky, yummy smell? yes. it's actually only yummy as it's happening. the next morning, not so much.

esmé woke up and smiled, though. her daddy was long gone to work, but she thought she could still smell him.

awesome. uncle sugar smells like steak. i shall gobble him up tonight.

happy valentine's day, you! and look. no swearing and no yelling at commenters! baby steps, friends. baby steps. xoxo. pictures from here.


Michelle Brunner said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your girlies:) I am in need of some new perfume so I will have to check out Tom Ford! I also choose a perfume by it's name same with wine). The shape of the bottle plays an important part as well!

karey m. said...

me too with the wine! also, tom ford musk doesn't have the best name, but when you look like that boy looks, it really doesn't matter...


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

happy valentine's day, karey. if i know anyone who i'm sure will celebrate this day with gusto and panache, it's you. (oh dear, and now "panache" has me thinking "pancakes" and i'm done.)

beth said...

there's a perfume named "guilty".....who knew ?

la la Lovely said...

happy valentines day to you and you're lovelies. that meal sounds divine and so does the idea that a man cooked it! lucky you!

Richie Designs said...

I'm loving the new Jimmy Choo fragrance. I keep opening those papers in my fashion mags and wiping them all over me - and that never happens.

happy vday girlies and uncle sugar...you're the sweetest of the bunch

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

angels and devils paired together for one meal ~ I'm inviting myself over next year!

p.s. I happened to like your GUILTY scent, but then again, Tom Ford sorta trumps all, non?!

Fern and Feather said...

happy Valentines day sweet lady. ox

Anonymous said...

Hey there Karey!

Happy belated Valentine's day!
I had a surprise call from one of my ex whom I didnt see for about 11 years, we met at the bookstore, and guess what I still have butterflies in my stomach! We had lunch and coffee and we bought each other a book for Valentine's gift. I bought him Tuesday With Morrie and he got me book by Tishani Doshi, The Pleasure Seekers!

Zil from Singapore