15 February 2011


i bought the girlies two the perfect shade of pink for their lips.

it is called o-gloss by smashbox. i love it because it's intuitive, and colors them with that usually unattainable little girl sweetness.

my girl at nordstrom giggled when i bought two, and said something like "are these for lillie and grae?" and then kept giggling.

so i said yes and then she stopped giggling and packaged them up prettily just the way i like.

i think the o stands for something that i had not thought about when i was choosing the perfect shade of pink for their lips.

so i may need to borrow an o-word from you. one that makes sense. because all i've got this morning is octopus and onomatopoeia.

lips from a delightful little tumblr with the sweet name of black nazi. what is wrong with me today?!


Carla said...

I'm giggling myself =) O words, hmm...

Out of this world
Oodles of pink
Oh So Pretty

Barchbo said...

Oh! Oh, how marvelous! Oh, how pretty! Oh (insert compliment here).

The girlies can take turns complimenting each other's lip gloss starting with "Oh..." Like, "Oh, you look pretty!" "Oh, that color looks stunning on you!" Such a lovely game!

karey m. said...

i love the way you two are thinking! i'm on it now...


Richie Designs said...

that's funny! I had not thought about that either when you said the name.

Asher Seveland said...

perhaps opalescent? i like that one b/c the gloss looks a little different on each person. :)

goodniteirene.wordpress.com said...

{O dear}
i too have the O gloss. and it'wasn't until just now that i realized O had significance.
{O my}
here i've been copiously smudging the clear lippy on my mouth and cheeks; over the moon happy at the pretty pink flush produced on my jowls. not unlike the glow got from a breathy run or belly laugh.
completely ignorant to the reference between the sheets.
but good golly, no need for O gloss now. my crimson red blush is 100% natural.

Shannon said...

Ooh la la lips! What a great mama! My make up bag in my purse is full of lip gloss that my girl loves to put on/try to eat!!!

vera kate said...

Is it bad that I knew on first reading what that 'O' would stand for...? lol.

My alternate explanation would probably be along the lines of, "You know 'XOXO' is hugs and kisses, right? Well, it's an 'O' for kiss, cause it goes on your lips, see?"

Yeah. Good luck!!

beth said...

oh now that's funny !
i like ooh la la and the xoxo ideas :)

susan said so said...

lip stuff, in its many incarnations, is the most fun of all cosmetics, i think.

O yeah!!


Sarah said...

those lips...killing me right now.

melissa loves said...

Obama ( I use that whenEVER someone needs an "O" word)
Oh no!
ok, I realize none of those are good for the lip color....but, that is all I had. :)

Apt. #34 said...

mmm, been wanting to treat myself to new gloss. Might take your recoo! Happy Friday goregous lady. Much love from the left coast!