16 February 2011


one of the girlies' teachers was away from school for months and ages and far too long, really.

everyone in the know was supra hush-hush about it all, and since i'm not too terribly invested in this place for some reason...i just started making up stories in my head.

and you know my stories. they. are. good. plus he's creepy. creative, but a really creepy dude. like, can't talk to adults creepy, too-many shady and ambiguous stickers on his car creepy, and bald mullet creepy.

{that's what we writers like to call foreshadowing.}

so last night, lill and grae were reading and studying, and i overheard this exchange. please read it not in what you'd assume to be lill and grae's giggly, over-excited at all times voices. instead, read it in monotone.

grae: mr. creepy's back at school.

lill: what'd he say?

grae: nothing. he's bald.

lill: they shave your head in prison.

and then silence. back to reading and studying.

they're going to be friends when they grow up, aren't they? i'm so hoping...

oh. his name is not really mr. creepy, either. i've changed the names to protect the shaved ex-inmates. photos from here.


la la Lovely said...

thats a little scary. creepy. gross. weird. and the like. Yikes. however, that ring is killer. like i need it now in a bad way.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, he sounds like a few of my past teachers. *shudder*

I just wanted to pop in today and de-lurk. I ADORE your blog. Like read-all-YOUR-posts- and -mark-all-others-in-the-folder-as-"read" kind of adore. You are such a talented story teller - thank you for sharing!

Ana Degenaar said...

Definitely can see a connection to some of my past teachers. Chills.

karey m. said...

oh! i'm so psyched everyone's noticing the creepy teacher and totally missing the fact that lillie knows - and grae is nonplussed by the fact - that one's head is shaved upon entering the penal system!

this, to me, is a scary bit of knowledge for my babies to have.

especially given the state of lillie's math test.

i do enjoy you three.


karey m. said...

and aunt lolo? thank you. you've no idea how i needed to hear that today. yesterday and today have been HORRIBLE days for my profesh life.

so your words were little bright pieces of glitter on my monitor. thank you. xoox.

Richie Designs said...

karey - if you're ever having a bad profesh day again email me directly.

I SWEAR TO YOU... that your blog sometimes holds me up day-to-day. I don't use google reader instead I like clicking around to my favs and holding my breathe to see if there's something new.

that second before Mackin loads is the longest second and I breathe a sigh when there's a new story EVERY SINGLE TIME.

and as for Mr. Creepy... I think Uncle Sugar gave lill the prison idea;) I mean their half brother Ricky story? there's definitely a prison story in there too don't you think? ;)

Jeanneoli said...

I can't stop laughing!!! Why do I not live near you???!!

Carla said...

Your girls are a riot. I hope my babes have little exchanges like that one day.

melissa loves said...

ah ha ha ha! love those girls, love that no one really noticed the prison ties....it takes FOREVAH for your hair to grow back when they shave it bye the bye.......(awkward silence)......uh...I mean, I've HEARD.
Sorry about Mr. creepy....that is just not right. A kid's teacher? That even the KIDS think is Mr. Creepy? where there is smoke, there is fire. I'm just sayin. MORE throwin down I am gonna have to do! ;)

anne said...

i cannot and will not lie. the best part of today has been discovering mackin ink. in the sense that i have slowly but quite determinedly been rapturously reading all that you write.

magic, indeed.

xo, anne

karey m. said...

you guys are too funny!

and ANNE?! who are you?! that's just about the nicest compliment i've gotten...start a blog so i can return the favor. it's an amazing feeling. xoxo.

anne said...

karey, a compliment well deserved!

i actually just started blogging again after months of neglecting my poor little corner of the internet: makingpretty.wordpress.com

so looking forward to reading more fairy-dusted stories here!!

xo, anne

Fern and Feather said...

I had a teacher like that in 5th grade... I will never forget him eating a TV dinner durning lunch one day and there was a rubber glove in his breaded chicken.